Biologics Assay Data Integration

Integrate analytical assay data with sample information to provide experimental context on-demand.

LabKey Biologics integrate analytical assay data with biological entities and sample information

Central Access Streamlines Data Hand-Offs

LabKey Biologics provides a central point of access for experiment data, simplifying the hand-off of data between generation and analysis.

Consistent Data Structures Ensure Reliable Analysis

Enforced data structures in LabKey Biologics ensure that analytical data meets the quality standards necessary for reliable experimental analysis.

Integrated Datasets Enable Easier Assessment of Target Performance

Integrating experimental data with LabKey Biologics allows team to easily conduct cross assay analysis of target performance using built-in tools or best-of-breed external solutions.

Configurable Assay Designs

Configure assay design templates to provide a consistent structure for experiment data. Define batch and run level properties, as well as the data fields for each measure captured by an instrument. Indicate required fields, set data validation criteria, and normalize data to prepare it for integration with other datasets.

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Create custom assay design templates in LabKey Biologics for analytical assay data.
Import Biologics experiment data using LabKey Biologics software tools.

Assay Data Import

Import assay data through the UI via the assay wizard, upload files, copy/paste from TSV, or import data programmatically using the LabKey API. Regardless of the method used, experiment data imported into LabKey Biologics will be checked against QC requirements and automatically connected to related sample and entity data.

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Assay Result Views and Manipulation

View assay results from all runs in a single table or from each run individually. Search, sort or filter assay results in order to locate data subsets of interest, and export datasets for further analysis.

Search sort and filter analytical assay data and export results for analysis in LabKey Biologics
Navigate to Sample details directly from assay grid in LabKey Biologics

Connection to Sample Details

Navigate directly to Sample detail pages from assay data grids to view the results for all assays run against a particular sample as well as sample lineage details.

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Assay Requests & Fulfillment

Request assays be conducted for desired samples. Monitor the assay request workflow, view requests’ status, and deliver analytical data tied to the original assay request.

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Assay request tracking software for biologics R&D in LabKey Biologics

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