American Society for Mass Spectrometry Conference 2019

American Society for Mass SpectrometryFrom June 2-6, 2019, LabKey Vice President Josh Eckels will be in Atlanta for the Annual Conference of the American Society of Mass Spectrometry. He will attend the the Skyline User Group Meeting and present a poster highlighting new quality control features for targeted mass spectrometry.


Meeting: Skyline User Group

Sunday, June 2
Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta

Panorama is a web-based complement to Skyline, used by more than a hundred organizations to manage, analyze, and share targeted mass spec data generated by Skyline. Since being unveiled at ASMS 2015, Panorama’s support for QC workflows has expanded significantly.

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Poster: Customizable quality control metrics and notifications with Panorama, AutoQC, and Skyline

Monday, June 3
Poster Number: 430

Introduction: Panorama’s newest quality control (QC) capabilities further extend its automated system suitability monitoring for targeted mass spectrometry assays. Panorama first added its QC folder type in 2015 in conjunction with AutoQC, a utility that monitors for newly-acquired system suitability runs targeting operator defined sets of peptide and small molecule standards. New runs are automatically analyzed using Skyline and imported into Panorama. Recent work greatly expands the metrics that can be monitored. Coupled with new types of statistical analyses and email alerts of outliers in newly acquired data, Panorama now offers an even more robust workflow. 

Methods: Panorama now supports metrics that track values associated with the entire run such as statistics related to iRT regression, single replicate calibration and pressure traces, adding to its existing support for metrics associated with individual peptides and small molecules. Users can visualize their data using statistical process control plots, customize the metrics applied, subscribe to email notifications, and export in a variety of formats.

Conclusions: Panorama offers a growing collection of customizable QC metrics and has expanded beyond values associated with individual peptides and small molecules. Users can assess quality for data that is specific to their experimental design, opt-in and opt-out of the full library of metrics to eliminate false positives and focus their system suitability checks on the most diagnostic data. Panorama helps users consolidate their workflows to reduce the data processing bottlenecks that occur in many laboratories.

As of June 2019, more than 350 labs are using Panorama projects to manage targeted mass spectrometry assays and major pharmaceutical companies and other organizations have deployed their own in-house installations of Panorama.



Panorama Partners Program

The Panorama Partners Program accelerates the adoption and integration of Panorama into member organizations’ targeted mass spectrometry workflows. Partners work directly with the Panorama and Skyline development teams, help shape the direction of ongoing development, and receive exclusive premium features.

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