LabKey Server

Open-Source Freedom, Enterprise Quality

LabKey Server is an open-source software platform that allows organizations to integrate, analyze and share complex biomedical data. Adaptable to varying research protocols, analysis tools and data sharing requirements, LabKey Server provides the flexibility of a custom solution without the risk of starting from scratch.


No Data Haystack Too Big

Transform a mountain of large and diverse data into an organized workspace that is easy to navigate and analyze. Even the most complex schema can be made approachable.

Robust Domain Functionality

LabKey Server functionality supports the specific data needs of biomedical research including mass spectrometryflow cytometry, sequencing and observational study management.

Highly Customizable Platform

Customize LabKey Server to support your research; define new data types, customize collection methods, design workflows for your individual environment.

Non-Disruptive System Integration

LabKey Server integrates with existing tools and processes, providing centralized management of data without disrupting research.

Feature Focus

Heterogeneous Data Integration

Flexible Data Integration

Integrate specimen, clinical, instrument and assay data with custom types. Learn More >

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Centralized Data Storage

Securely store integrated data in centralized repository for access and analysis. Learn More >

Research Workflows

Optimized Workflows

Automate integration and process workflows, refining them for efficiency in your environment. Learn More >

Data Quality

Improved Data Quality

Standardize data capture and automate quality assurance checks. Learn More >

Data Drill-Down

Data Drill-Down

Find, filter and query integrated data to locate specific data of interest. Learn More >


Real-Time Visualization

Search for trends using built-in visualizations or external analysis tools. Learn More >

Secure Collaboration

Secure Collaboration

Share results and insights securely with fine-grained data access controls and collaboration tools. Learn More >

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Open-Data Sharing

Provide direct access to de-identified data for validation and further analysis. Learn More >

LabKey Server in Action

LabKey Server Editions

LabKey Software offers multiple Editions of LabKey Server and a suite of Add-Ons to best meet different levels of need for support and functionality.

Community Edition

Intended for: Technical enthusiasts and evaluators in non-mission-critical environments.

Service Level: Not formally supported, community forums and documentation are provided by LabKey to help users support each other.

Pricing: Free

Professional Edition

Intended for: Small- or medium-sized teams that need to optimize workflows, enable collaboration and support basic connection of lab, specimen and clinical data. Ideal for researchers who want to extend their use of LabKey Server, but do not need deep integration with other systems or major customization.

Service Level: Training and on-going coaching/advice for administrators and users to help them become experts at managing scientific data with LabKey.

Pricing: Annual subscriptions starting at $37k/ year

Professional+ Edition

Intended for: Groups that seek to integrate LabKey Server with external systems, manage a larger installation, and/or build custom solutions that extend LabKey Server.

Service Level: Technical support, including system architecture and design advice, developer training and support across all aspects of developing LabKey Server applications. Training and on-going coaching/advice for administrators and users to help them become experts at managing scientific data with LabKey.

Pricing: Annual subscriptions starting at $70k/ year

Enterprise Edition

Intended for: Teams that need to support clinical data integration at large scale, potentially including regulatory compliance.

Service Level: Advanced technical support is included as part of LabKey Server Enterprise Edition. Support provided is tailored to meet the needs of each Enterprise edition client.

Pricing: Contact us for pricing

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