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Assay Data Integration

LabKey Server integrates assay data in ways that are manageable and meaningful to your laboratory. Organize large quantities of complex research data, analyze integrated datasets, and prepare experiment data for integration with related clinical, demographic, and sample information.

Explore LabKey Server free for 30-days.

LabKey Server Laboratory Assay Data Integration Software for Pharma and Academic Research

Streamline Data Systems

Centrally manage the integration and distribution of your experiment data in a single system.

Increase Data Visibility

Provide greater visibility into experiments being conducted along with their associated results and analyses.

Simplify Data Access

Provide self-service access to experiment data for exploration and analysis to team members with appropriate permissions.

Instrument-Specific Assay Data Support

Integrate data from common assay instruments including Mass Spectrometry, Sequencing, and Flow Cytometry instruments. LabKey Server provides specialized tools for many instrument-specific data types to help promote high quality data collection, analysis, and prepare experiment results for integration with related data. 

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Custom Assay Designs

Data in any tabular format can be integrated using LabKey Server’s flexible assay designs. Add structure and context to your data and ensure that appropriate data points are collected for each experimental run.

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Design your own assay data structure for experiments in LabKey Server
Quality Control QC Validation Tools for Research Data

Quality Control Tracking and Approval

Automate a wide range of quality control checks and data cleanup measures using LabKey Server quality control tools. Define QC workflows to support your organization structure and standards.

Structured Data Organization

Organize your data in a structured format with a batch-run-results hierarchy for greater transparency and simplified discovery. LabKey Server’s assay data structure makes it easy to navigate to results of interest, and curate datasets for analysis.

Structure data using a batch run results heirarchy
Assay data visualizations built in to LabKey Server

Visualization & Analysis

Visualize, analyze and display experiment data using a range of built-in plotting and reporting tools available in LabKey Server. For more advanced analysis, utilize LabKey Server’s powerful integration with the R statistical programming environment to present R script results as live reports within LabKey Server.

Assay Requests & Fulfillment Tracking

Centrally manage assay requests and their fulfillment, including the delivery of final results using LabKey Server’s assay request tracking tool. Cut down on inefficient and often-error prone email requests and streamline the workflow for both requestors and lab staff.


Accelerating Experiment Analysis at the labs of Jennifer Adair and Hans-Peter Kiem

At the Adair and Keim labs, LabKey Server-based assay tools free lab members to focus on data interpretation instead of manual processing, helping them look quickly across results collected from multiple experiments over time and enabling them to scale up analysis as fast as sequencing throughput.

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