Case Studies

Just Biotherapeutics, LabKey Biologics software partner

Just Biotherapeutics, Inc.

Just Biotherapeutics partnered with LabKey to develop a “single source of truth” for biologics registration, sample tracking, and workflow management at Just.

Immune Tolerance Network (ITN)

Immune Tolerance Network

The Immune Tolerance Network (ITN) partnered with LabKey to develop the ITN TrialShare portal to provide direct access to post-publication data from ITN studies.

CAVD Dataspace LabKey Server based HIV study data management and exploration portal

CAVD Dataspace

Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery (CAVD) DataSpace helps researchers discover study data, filter, combine, visualize, and export information of interest, and comply with agreements and regulations on data security.

Argos LabKey Server-based Cancer Data exploration portal


Argos is a data exploration and visualization portal used by researchers and clinicians to pursue precision oncology by efficiently accessing and analyzing a large volume and variety of related data.

Atlas science portal: LabKey Server based portal for biomedical research data exploration

Atlas Science Portal

The Atlas Science Portal serves as a data integration and operational hub for multiple HIV research networks.

Panorama LabKey Server-based targeted mass spectrometry repository


The MacCoss lab at the University of Washington partnered with LabKey Software to develop Panorama, a LabKey Server module that provides a repository for Skyline targeted mass spectrometry documents.

LabKey Server software for primate colony mangement

Primate EHR

LabKey Software partnered with the WNPRC and ONPRC to develop systems for managing and reporting on electronic health records (EHR) and related research data for primate colonies.

O'Connor LabKey Server

O’Connor LabKey Server

The O’Connor lab uses LabKey Server as its “operating system,” speeding its efforts to understand how genetics affects immunity to viruses such as HIV/SIV.


MESA-ICEMR uses LabKey Server to facilitate collection and analysis of experimental data; integrate clinical and laboratory data from diverse field sites; and access real-time data across continents.

Adair/Kiem Lab

LabKey Server-based assay tools free up Adair/Kiem lab members to focus on data interpretation instead of manual processing, help them look quickly across results collected from multiple experiments over time, and enable them to scale up analysis as fast as sequencing throughput.