Panorama Partners Program for Targeted Mass Spectrometry

The Panorama Partners Program accelerates adoption and integration of Panorama, LabKey Server’s targeted mass spectrometry solution, into their existing workflows. Partner organizations have direct access to the Panorama and Skyline development teams and help shape the direction of Panorama’s ongoing development to suit their specific needs. Premium features available only to Panorama Partners help further improve efficiency and data integrity.

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Premium Panorama Features

Premium features available only to members of the Panorama Partners Program go beyond the open source feature set to help organizations scale up their use of Skyline and Panorama.

  • Customization of the metrics tracked in QC folders
  • Email alerts of potential problems
  • Tracking, validation, and display of Skyline’s audit log
  • Additional reporting options

Panorama in LabKey Server

Panorama, LabKey’s targeted mass spectrometry solution, supports aggregating, curating, and sharing experiment results.

  • Centralize Document Storage: Easily integrate, organize and share targeted mass spectrometry documents in a centralized repository.
  • Provide Historic Perspective: Capture and connect previous experimental results to support efficient iterative method development.
  • Monitor Assay Performance: Consistently monitor the performance of instruments and reagents used to ensure robust results.

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Panorama Partners collaborate on product development

Collaborative Product Development

Panorama Partners collaborate directly on product development by providing regular input to the Panorama and Skyline development teams about current and future functionality needs. Partners also preview and provide feedback on new functionality prior to public release.

LabKey Server Starter Edition

Membership in the Panorama Partners Program includes a LabKey Server Starter Edition subscription with premium functionality alongside customized support and training. Work directly with experts who will help you implement and optimize Panorama for your research. Developers provide installation and best practice guidance. 

An in-house installation of LabKey and Panorama will ensure that your proprietary data is secure. Cloud Hosting is also available, with three tiers of service available to meet your organization’s needs.

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