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Partners in Progress

The Panorama Partners Program helps organizations successfully adopt and integrate Panorama, LabKey Server’s targeted mass spectrometry module, into their existing workflows. Partner organizations have direct access to the Panorama and Skyline development teams, and help shape the direction of Panorama’s ongoing development to better suit their specific targeted mass spectrometry needs.

Provide Development Input

Direct Access to Developers

Work directly with developers to implement and optimize Panorama for your research. Developers provide installation and best practice guidance.

Influence Product Direction Icon

Influence Product Development

Panorama Partners direct product development by providing regular input to the Panorama/Skyline development teams about current and future functionality needs.

Functionality Preview Icon

Functionality Preview

Panorama Partners preview and provide feedback on all new functionality being developed in Panorama prior to its public release.

LabKey Server

LabKey Server Professional Edition

Membership includes a LabKey Server Professional Edition subscription with support and training for installation, maintenance, configuration, and usage, as well as premium functionality.

About Panorama

Panorama is a repository for targeted proteomics assays that integrates with Skyline and is freely available as open source. It is being collaboratively developed as a LabKey Server module by the Dr. Michael MacCoss Lab at the University of Washington and LabKey Software. The Panorama module is available as a part of all LabKey Server Editions. In-house installations help satisfy strict organizational confidentiality requirements, and are ideal for pharmaceutical companies that work with targeted proteomics data.

Panorama Web

PanoramaWeb is a public Panorama server hosted at the University of Washington where laboratories and organizations can own free projects. You can request a project on this server to find out what Panorama has to offer, without having to set up and maintain your own LabKey Server. You will be able to explore all the available features in Panorama, and be given administrative rights to your project so that you can set up folders and configure permissions. The LabKey Server security infrastructure will allow you to keep your data as private as you want or release it publicly when you are ready.

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