What’s New in LabKey 23.3

LabKey Server

  • Enhancements have been made to clarify the options of importing new data, updating existing data, and merging both update and new data in the same import. (docs)
  • Best practices for system security will help administrators maintain a strong security culture. (docs)
  • PHI access control and compliance logging have been improved to provide better consistency and flexibility.

Sample Manager

  • Using multiple Sample Manager Projects enables teams to partition data by team but share common resources. (docs)
  • Samples can have expiration dates, making it possible to track expiring inventories.
  • Storage management has been generalized to clearly support non-freezer types of sample storage including incubators and systems that are not temperature controlled. (docs)

Biologics LIMS

  • Lookup views allow you to customize what users will see when selecting a value for a lookup field. (docs)
  • Electronic Lab Notebooks now include a full review and signing event history in the exported PDF. (docs)
  • Curate multiple BarTender label templates, so that users can easily select the appropriate format when printing. (docs)

Premium Resources

Click Here to read the full 23.3 release notes.