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Navigated between sample generations using an interactive grid view in LabKey Biologics.

What’s New in LabKey Biologics

Over the past few months, the LabKey team has made several key enhancements to the LabKey Biologics application to help teams organize and visualize data relationships. Take a look at some of these recent enhancement below.

Group Sample and Assay Data Using the Biologics Experiment Framework

An experiment framework has been added to LabKey Biologics that allows users to group all the data relevant to a single experiment. Teams can define a name and description for each experiment, add samples, and upload analytical results.

Navigate Between Generations of Samples with the New Lineage Grid View

In addition to the existing lineage visualizations, LabKey Biologics users can now view all of the ancestors and descendants of a particular sample in an easy to navigate lineage grid. This grid view is particularly helpful when viewing lineage data for samples with large quantities of related samples or lengthy derivation history.

Auto-Register Sequences During GenBank File Import

Improvements to LabKey Biologics import process enable to the auto-registration of multiple sequences when a GenBank file is uploaded. With these changes the full sequence of the plasmid, the coding sequences, and the resultant protein sequences are now auto-registered.

Want to see these features in action

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