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New features added to LabKey Biologics in 19.1

What’s New in LabKey Biologics 19.1

LabKey has continued to improve and enhance the LabKey Biologics application with the release of version 19.1! We continue to work with our users to prioritize the most needed features and solutions for R&D teams.


  • Users can now create a custom chart or a view of a data grid once, and then see that view anywhere that’s relevant within Biologics. This allows you to design a report or graph, but be able to repeatedly see that analysis filtered to the samples in any particular experiment.
  • Media and batch creation enhancements better match real world needs for flexibility with clarity. Import ingredient and raw material information in bulk, include “unknowns” for mixtures when necessary, and enter additional ingredients to a recipe during creation of a batch.
  • Sample set operations have also been improved, with easier-to-read views of associated assay data as well as improved performance for importing and updating samples.
  • Scientists need the flexibility to store arbitrary file types with their work, including published articles, SOPs, supplemental datasets, and images. You can now attach any number of files to a specific experiment, providing context and analysis of what occurred.

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