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Panorama: A Targeted Proteomics Knowledge Base
18 August 2014
High-throughput flow cytometry data normalization for clinical trials
1 March 2014
Quality control, analysis and secure sharing of Luminex® immunoassay data using the open source LabKey Server platform
30 April 2013
Ancillary study management systems: a review of needs
7 January 2013
A cross-platform toolkit for mass spectrometry and proteomics
30 October 2012
Installation and Use of LabKey Server for Proteomics
1 December 2011
LabKey Server NAb: A tool for analyzing, visualizing and sharing results from neutralizing antibody assays
27 May 2011
LabKey Server: An open source platform for scientific data integration, analysis and collaboration
9 March 2011
The Best of Both Worlds: Integrating a Java Web Application with SAS® Using the SAS/SHARE® Driver for JDBC.
31 March 2010
Development of an automated analysis system for data from flow cytometric intracellular cytokine staining assays from clinical vaccine trials.
31 August 2008
Precursor-Ion Mass Re-Estimation Improves Peptide Identification on Hybrid Instruments
15 August 2008
A mouse model repository for cancer biomarker discovery
14 July 2008
The Functional Genomics Experiment model (FuGE): an extensible framework for standards in functional genomics.
6 October 2007
Installation and use of the Computational Proteomics Analysis System (CPAS)
1 June 2007
General framework for developing and evaluating database scoring algorithms using the TANDEM search engine.
27 July 2006
A suite of algorithms for the comprehensive analysis of complex protein mixtures using high-resolution LC-MS.
8 June 2006
Computational Proteomics Analysis System (CPAS): An Extensible, Open-Source Analytic System for Evaluating and Publishing Proteomic Data and High Throughput Biological Experiments.
4 April 2006
Our Posters
Performing quality control on targeted proteomics assays using Skyline and Panorama
2 June 2015
Sharing targeted proteomics assays using Skyline and Panorama
10 June 2013
LabKey Server: An Open Source Platform for Large-Scale, Translational Research
10 April 2013
Panorama: A private repository of targeted proteomics assays for Skyline
22 May 2012
Ancillary Study Management Systems: What Do We Need?
22 March 2012
Management and analysis of tandem mass spectrometry data using LabKey Server
17 July 2011
Accelerating AIDS Vaccine Discovery Through the Use of a Collaborative Web-based Information System
7 December 2009
Design for a High Performance, Configurable caGrid Data Services Platform
19 July 2009
Repository for Data and Analyses from Multiparameter Flow Cytometric Assays
9 December 2008
Adaptable Enterprise Pipeline for the Computational Proteomics Analysis System (CPAS)
27 August 2008
Adapting an Existing Data Service to be caBIG™ Silver-level Compliant
22 June 2008
A Clinical Proteomics Data Model for Managing Metadata of Mass Spectrometry Experiments
23 October 2007
An open-source framework for evaluating MS/MS score functions: "pluggable scoring" in X! Tandem
30 August 2006
A Platform for Comparative Mass Spectrometry Based Proteomics: Extending CPAS to support quantitation and ProteinProphet
29 August 2006
Our Case Studies
Harnessing the Web to Accelerate Clinical Research: How a LabKey Solution Helps Scientists Coordinate the Search for an HIV/AIDS Vaccine
23 May 2011
Papers and Posters by Other Authors

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Research Using LabKey Server


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