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Browse the Human Immune System with HIPC’s ImmuneSpace Powered by LabKey


Browse Human Immune System Data

The Human Immunology Project Consortium (HIPC) program was established by the NIAID Division of Allergy, Immunology, and Transplantation (DAIT) as part of the overall NIAID focus on human immunology. To support the data management, analysis, and research efforts of HIPC, ImmuneSpace was developed. This project is led by Dr. Gottardo of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Immune system related data, collected from over 100 studies at HIPC research centers, is available to the public in ImmuneSpace, developed in collaboration with LabKey. Well-characterized human cohorts are studied using a wide variety of tools including:

  • Multiplex transcriptional, cytokine, and proteomic assays
  • Multiparameter phenotyping of leukocyte subsets
  • Assessment of leukocyte functional status

LabKey Server Support for HIPC

LabKey Server provides the underlying system to centralize data for securely publishing, aligning, and harmonizing datasets across what would otherwise be siloed study repositories. Shared datasets and extensible schemas help bring diverse data together in a way that it can be treated as a global data bank.

The research network data centralization solution offered by LabKey server is specifically designed to: 

  • Bring together data from disparate studies, making the data centrally available 
  • Align data structures to minimize manual processing and facilitate integration
  • Provide quality control tools to validate and standardize data from contributors
  • Create secure workspaces to curate data prior to sharing with a wider audience
  • Facilitate exploration and analysis of of complete integrated datasets
  • Visualize, analyze, and report on aggregated data using built-in plotting and reporting tools. For example, LabKey Server’s powerful integration with the R statistical programming environment supports presenting R script results as live reports within LabKey Server.

Explore the new HIPC Interface

The ImmuneSpace platform recently launched a new Data Finder interface which makes it easy for users to explore and analyze datasets from hundreds of studies. Developed in ReactJS, with consulting support from LabKey developers and designers, plus extensions to the APIs, this modern interface presents an intuitive browsing experience. LabKey’s integrations with analysis and visualization tools including RStudio help power unique solutions like the ImmuneSpace DataFinder. 

Filter by patient characteristics, study focus, and even by the type and timeframe of data available. Dashboard graphics update in real time to guide you as you make selections.


Identify your own cross-study participant group of interest and save it for deeper analysis.  Use the group as a basis for visualizations and analysis.

Investigating hypotheses across this existing landscape of collected data can unlock new insights for future study and help you connect with research similar to your own. Filtered study details can be scanned in a card format, or sorted in any way you choose.


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