Operations Support When You Need It

LabKey Server can be client hosted or hosted by LabKey. For customers who would like to host their own installation, but need some additional operational support LabKey offers Assisted Operations Consulting services. Operations consultants provide hands-on support operations as well as guide clients on best practices for operating LabKey Server.


Infrastructure Recommendations

Receive tailored infrastructure recommendations designed to support the specific needs of your environment.

System monitoring

Architecture Guidance

Ensure that your systems are built right from the very beginning with architecture guidance from LabKey experts. 

Regular Software Updates

Lifecycle Management Evaluation

Work with the LabKey team to ensure the long-term value of your software through proper lifecycle management.

Best Practice Guidance

Compliance Reviews

Review your system’s configuration with an operations consultant to guarantee your platform is upholding compliance standards. 


Interested in learning more about LabKey? Contact us and the LabKey team will work with you to understand your needs and help determine if LabKey is the right fit for your research.

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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the urgent need to gather, harmonize and share data has been felt across the scientific research community. To meet this demand, the NIAID Immune Response Consortium developed the HGRepo Informatics Framework in partnership with LabKey. This informatics system centralizes unstructured and de-identified clinical data collected from 14 domestic […]

Sample Manager unveils freezer management features to help labs track and organize samples.

LabKey has launched a comprehensive solution for managing laboratory freezer storage and sample locations within its user-friendly sample management software- LabKey Sample Manager. By including robust freezer management capabilities in a full-featured sample tracking and workflow management system, LabKey Sample Manager aims to serve as a collaborative hub for sample processing work in the laboratory. The application helps […]