2021 LabKey User Conference: Oct 5th - 7th

LKUC 2021

Conference Highlights:

Discussion Panel: Leading Change in Life Science Research Organizations

In this panel, we will discuss lessons and strategies to successfully lead change. Kicking off the session will be a talk from Guarav Gupta, affiliate for Kotter International and co-author of the book Change: How Organizations Achieve Hard-to-Imagine Results in Uncertain and Volatile Times. Following the talk will be a live panel discussion highlighting life science organizations that have successfully managed change while implementing and adopting LabKey solutions. Participating in this panel:

  • Guarav Gupta, Kotter International
  • Dave O’Connor, O’Connor Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Sandyha Xirasagar, NIH/NIAID
  • Jason Barnett NIH/NIAID Contract Lead, Medical Science & Computing, Inc.


Success Stories: Solving Data Management Challenges with LabKey

Hear from life science organizations that have partnered with LabKey to solve their data management, collaboration and workflow challenges. Presenters will share a brief overview of their organization and area of research followed by the challenges that brought them to LabKey and the solutions that have been implemented.

  • Inzen Therapeutics
  • Upside Foods
  • MacCoss Lab


Sample Manager: Solutions for Improving Collaboration and Sample Tracking in the Laboratory

Learn how leading research organizations have implemented LabKey Sample Manager to bring efficiency and collaboration to their sample management workflows. These 10-15 minute talks will be followed by a discussion panel and Q&A with presenters.

  • Candel Therapeutics
  • National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
  • The Ohio State University
  • University of Rochester


LabKey Biologics ELN: Just-Evotec Biologics- Where are we now?

Last year Just-Evotec Biologics presented on their search for the perfect electronic lab notebook and their partnership with LabKey to develop a “data-connected” ELN. In this session we catch up with Just-Evotec to learn about the roll-out and the positive impact of adopting the LabKey Biologics ELN.


Learn about the latest product features:

Learn about the latest features of LabKey Server, Biologics and Sample Manager including our ELN and Freezer Management solutions.


Full agenda details will be announced soon!


Recorded Webinars

Best Practices for Evaluating LC-MS System Suitability with SkyLine & Panorama

Learn how ​Skyline and Panorama can be used for monitoring of LC-MS system performance.

Introduction to Panorama for Targeted Proteomics Research

Introduction to Panorama, the LabKey Server module for targeted proteomics research. This webinar presents how Panorama integrates into a Skyline workflow.

Tracking Samples with LabKey Sample Manager

Learn about the latest sample tracking features in LabKey Sample Manager.

LabKey Academy: LabKey Server for Research Studies

Learn how to use LabKey Server for integrating, analyzing and publishing research study data.