LabKey User Conference, October 5th - 7th

Day 1 - October 5th

(All Times Pacific)

9:00 AM – Introduction by Michael Gersch, CEO of LabKey

9:15 AM – LabKey Server Product Update with Adam Rauch, VP of Product Strategy at LabKey

9:45 AM – Discussion Panel: Leading Change in Life Science Research Organizations

In this panel, we will discuss lessons and strategies to successfully lead change. Kicking off the session will be a talk from Gaurav Gupta, affiliate for Kotter International and co-author of the book Change: How Organizations Achieve Hard-to-Imagine Results in Uncertain and Volatile Times. Following the talk will be a live panel discussion highlighting life science organizations that have successfully managed change while implementing and adopting LabKey solutions. Participating in this panel:

  • Gaurav Gupta, Affiliate, Kotter International
  • Dave O’Connor, O’Connor Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Sandhya Xirasagar, Lead, Clinical and Laboratory Informatics Section, NIAID
  • Jason Barnett NIH/NIAID Contract Lead, Medical Science & Computing, Inc.

10:30 AM – Playing Nice: Joining LabKey with external third-party data warehouses

Presented by Katie Hughes, Bioinformatics Scientist, Inzen Therapeutics
At Inzen Therapeutics, the data science team uses LabKey as a one-stop-shop for data warehousing. Through LabKey’s API, Inzen can access previous experiments and run downstream analyses on proteomics and phenotypic assay data. This enables Inzen to better understand the intercellular signals sent during the execution of cell death programs, which they have termed “thanokine biology.” The LabKey data warehouse is integrated with Benchling, a suite of tools used for notebook management, molecular biology, and inventory tracking. Benchling includes its own data warehouse, which is projected through a standard Postgres database. To have a single source of truth for analytics, Inzen wanted to keep all records in the same warehouse, namely, LabKey.  This talk will outline how Inzen partnered with LabKey to do this and how they were able to develop joint analytical tools that integrate disparate data streams through the unified LabKey API.

11:00 AM – Discussion Panel: Harmonizing Benchling Data with LabKey

This panel discussion will highlight use cases where LabKey is used to centralize, align and analyze data from Benchling and other disparate sources. Panelists will discuss their area of research, their needs for data centralization that brought them to LabKey, best practices and future plans for their Benchling/LabKey integration. Participating in this panel:

  • Jacob Jaffe, Head of Data Science, Inzen Therapeutics
  • Yu Huang, Scientist, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
  • Matthew Hoopes, Scientist, Adicet Bio

Day 2 - October 6th

(All Times Pacific)

9:00 AM – LabKey Biologics Product Update with Bernie Lee, Product Manager at LabKey

9:30 AM – Automating the Instrument-to-Assay Pipeline with LabKey Biologics and AWS

Presented by: Jay Kasberger, Senior Manager, Software Engineering, Upside Foods
Getting data from lab instruments into a LIMS can be a time-consuming and error-prone process, even with the excellent UI and bulk import options provided by LabKey.  Upside Foods has built a pipeline that leverages AWS to automate this flow.  By using Lambda and DataSync, Upside Foods can minimize the amount of work scientists have to perform in order to transfer runs and results into the system while keeping thorough logs and automatically alerting to any issues.

10:00 AM – Discussion Panel: The LabKey Biologics ELN at Just-Evotec Biologics

Following up on the user presentation from last year, this panel will discuss the roll-out, adoption and results of implementing the Biologics ELN at Just-Evotec. The panel is comprised of end-users of the ELN who will share their experience and insights on the usage of the ELN within the organization. Participating in this panel:

  • Tara Kulas, Analytical Scientist, Just-Evotec Biologics
  • Abigael Brownell, Scientist, Process Design, Small Bioreactor Group, Just-Evotec Biologics
  • Abby Neumann, Scientist, Media Development, Just-Evotec Biologics

10:30 AM – How our Mass Spectrometry Lab Uses Panorama and LabKey Server to Manage RAW Data, Processed Results, and Collaborations

Presented by: Mike MacCoss, Professor of Genome Sciences, MacCoss Lab at the University of Washington
LabKey Server and Panorama, the module for managing targeted mass spectrometry data, provide many tools for labs to use internally and externally. These tools are both powerful and flexible. This presentation highlights examples of how LabKey Server is used to manage data within the MacCoss Lab, how it is used to share data with collaborators, and how it is used to manage inter-institution collaborations. Covered in the presentation are the tools built into Panorama for managing Skyline documents, tracking mass spectrometer system suitability, tracking experiment data quality, and some new tools for visualizing assay variance and figures of merit.  Finally, the presenter will show how Panorama Public is being used to share data and results upon publication and fulfilling journal data sharing requirements.

11:00 AM – Partnering for Success: Achieving Rapid Results with LabKey

At LabKey, we understand that choosing a data management system can be a time-intensive and high-risk endeavor for many research organizations. That’s why we developed a proof-of-concept program we call a Solution Design Engagement (SDE). An SDE provides clients with a low-risk method to quickly see how LabKey can tackle their data management challenges. During the SDE process, we help you flesh out your requirements and provide the software, support and training to help you succeed. In this session, we will first describe the SDE program then speak to a LabKey client that will share their first-hand experience. Participating in this discussion:

  • Jason Leadley, VP of Strategic Partnerships, LabKey
  • Daya Pagidi, Lead Systems Engineer, Systex Inc, Supporting NIAID/NIH

Day 3 - October 7th

(All Times Pacific)

9:00 AM – Sample Manager Product Update with Hannah Brakke, Product Manager at LabKey

9:30 AM – Sample Manager Talks: Solutions for Improving Collaboration and Sample Tracking in the Laboratory

Hear first-hand how leading research organizations are using LabKey Sample Manager to bring efficiency and collaboration to sample processing in their labs. These 15-minute “lightning talks” will provide insightful viewpoints into the challenges of managing lab samples and the solutions used. Presenters include:

  • Jess Dwyer, Biomarker Operations Manager, Candel Therapeutics
  • Smilee Samuel, Clinical Genomics Project Coordinator, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
  • Andrew Bowman, Associate Professor, The Ohio State University
  • Anthony Corbett, Senior Bioinformatics Analyst, University of Rochester

11:00 AM Sample Manager Product Demo/Q&A

Following the talks, join product manager Hannah Brakke as she conducts a live demonstration of Sample Manager followed by a Q&A session. 

Recorded Webinars

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Introduction to Panorama, the LabKey Server module for targeted proteomics research. This webinar presents how Panorama integrates into a Skyline workflow.

Tracking Samples with LabKey Sample Manager

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LabKey Academy: LabKey Server for Research Studies

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