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LabKey Spring Meeting

Join us for this 3 day virtual event covering a range of data management topics for life science research.

Day 1 – April 27th – REGISTER

7:00 AM PDT –  How to Choose the Perfect Research Data Management System for Life Science Research

Learn best practices and essential features to look out for when evaluating data management systems for life science research. Topics covered will include security/compliance considerations, ontologies, automated data pipelines and more. This session will help you:

  • Keep scalability at the front of mind when planning your data management needs
  • Plan for efficiently loading your data while preserving data integrity
  • Focus on the accessibility of your data from compliance and security perspectives
  • Use ontologies/controlled vocabularies to describe and connect your data
  • Determine the system connectivity you need for further analysis of your research data

7:45 AM PDT – Import and Organize Your Research Data with LabKey Studies

Take a deep dive into LabKey Studies- a research data management system designed to seamlessly integrate clinical, demographic, sample, and assay data. We will walk through real-world scenarios where we import, organize and align data from various sources. This training will show you how to:

  • Configure automated data pipelines
  • Track changes to your data over time
  • Annotate and import clinical ontology concepts to organize and connect your data
  • Import data from external data capture systems such as REDCap

Day 2 – April 28th – REGISTER

7:00 AM PDT – Why You Should Use a “Sample-centric” Freezer Management System

You may have heard the term “sample-centric” as it relates to freezer management systems. What does this term really mean and how does it apply to real-word sample management? In this session we will answer these questions and explain how your lab can benefit from the added flexibility and workflow efficiency of sample-centric freezer management. The session will include:

  • A definition of “Sample-Centric” and how it applies to freezer management 
  • Common sample processing scenarios where a sample-centric system is essential
  • Tips to improve workflow and data collection efficiency with a sample-centric system
  • Examples of how a sample centric system supports a holistic approach to sample tracking 

7:45 AM PDT – Getting Started with LabKey Sample Manager

Learn how to set-up Sample Manager to meet the requirements of your lab. In this training session we will show you how to customize Sample Manager to fit your requirements and provide best practices for making the most of the application in your lab. Topics covered include:

  • Using sample sources and types 
  • Importing data 
  • Creating workflows for lab processes
  • Setting up freezers to match your lab 

Day 3 – April 29th – REGISTER

7:00 AM PDT – Using Data Management to Promote Collaboration in Biopharma Research

Learn data management strategies that help support collaboration and faster decision-making for biopharma research organizations. Proper planning and use of a central data management system can have a positive impact on efficiency and effectiveness of collaboration efforts. In this session you will learn:

  • How developing and maintaining data standards can be used to support data integrity in collaborative environments
  • Why knowing the definitive source of data is important in collaborative research
  • Considerations for the accessibility and security of your data
  • How an integrated ELN can help highlight data and analyses for efficient collaboration and decision making

7:45 AM PDT – Highlight Bioregistry, Assay, and Sample Data Using the Integrated Biologics ELN

See the Biologics ELN in action and learn how it can easily consolidate and surface your data for documentation, collaboration and analysis. In this session you will learn how to:

  • Navigate the bioregistry and track relevant entities
  • Track sample relationships
  • Connect and view sample related assay data
  • Use the biologics ELN to reference data

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Recorded Webinars

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Learn about the latest sample tracking features in LabKey Sample Manager.

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