Watch the daily sessions from the 2020 LabKey User Conference!

The 2020 LabKey User Conference featured informative sessions showing how LabKey is being used by a variety of life science research organizations, as well as educational talks from the LabKey Team. Conference highlights include:

  • Watch presentations from NIAID/NIH, Nestlé Research, Just-Evotec Biologics, and Knight Cancer Institute showing how they have partnered with LabKey
  • See previews of our upcoming Biologics Electronic Lab Notebook (Day 2), and our Freezer Management solution within LabKey Sample Manager (Day 3)
  • Hear about LabKey MyStudies (Day 4)- an open-source system for conducting IRB-approved clinical trials, collecting patient reported outcomes, and obtaining informed consent using mobile devices
  • Learn from our developers with our Tech Talks (Day 4) to get a deep dive into more technical areas of the platform

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Day 1, October 6th

Presented by Michael Gersch, CEO, LabKey

00:11:55 – LabKey Server Product Update
Presented by Adam Rauch, VP of Product Strategy, LabKey

00:28:27 – HGRepo Informatics Framework for the NIAID/DIR COVID-19 Immune Response Consortium
Presented by Sandhya Xirasagar Ph.D., Lead, Clinical and Laboratory Informatics Section, NIAID & Jason Barnett, Contract Lead, Medical Science and Computing, Inc. 

00:54:35 – Assay and Study Management with LabKey Server
Presented by Bernhard Sonderegger Ph.D., Senior Specialist Data Systems and Management, Nestlé Research

01:15:00 – Reporting and Visualizations via ODBC Integrations
Robert Morphew, Technical Program Manager, LabKey

Day 2, October 7th

LabKey Biologics Update
Presented by Bernie Lee, Product Manager,  LabKey

00:28:52 – ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) Preview
Presented by Bernie Lee, Product Manager, LabKey

00:56:54 – The Quest for an ELN We Actually Want To Use
Presented by Tara Kulas, Scientist, Analytical Sciences, Just – Evotec Biologics

01:26:38 – Introduction to Panorama and LabKey Support for Targeted Mass Spectrometry
Presented by Josh Eckels, VP of Engineering, LabKey

Day 3, October 8th

LabKey Sample Manager Update
Presented by Hannah Brakke, Product Manager, LabKey

00:26:09 – Freezer Management Preview
Presented by Hannah Brakke, Product Manager, LabKey

00:57:02 – Data Management in Precision Oncology
Presented by Patrick Leyshock, Ph.D., Knight Cancer Institute, Oregon Health & Science University

01:27:20 – Using LabKey Server with Sample Manager
Presented by Steve Hanson, Director of User Education, LabKey

Day 4, October 9th

LabKey MyStudies: Supporting Mobile E-Consent, Study Design and Infrastructure for Clinical Trials
Presented by Adam Rauch, VP of Product Strategy, LabKey

00:30:26 – Automate Data Import and Processing using File Watchers
Karl Lum, VP of Engineering, LabKey

01:00:26 – Using LabKey Artifacts for your Build Process
Presented by Susan Hert, LabKey

01:28:53 – JavaScript Development within LabKey Server
Presented by Nick Kerr, LabKey

01:59:39 – Bringing Your Data Together
Presented by Binal Patel, LabKey

02:30:19 – LabKey Cloud Hosting and Best Practices
Presented by Stuart MacDonald and Isa Farnik, LabKey