Unlocking Medical Records with Natural Language Processing

Presented By

Sarah Ramsay, Director, CIT Informatics, Fred Hutch; Emily Silgard, NLP Research Engineer, Fred Hutch; Adam Rauch, LabKey Software


Currently, the majority (65-80%) of the data elements needed for clinical and translational research in cancer can only be found in unstructured narrative reports. As part of the Hutch Integrated Data Repository and Archive (HIDRA) initiative, Fred Hutch and LabKey Software have been developing an open, integrated and scalable approach to both manual data abstraction and natural language processing (NLP). We will present the context and business case for NLP at the Hutch, NLP options from other groups, why we have developed the LabKey NLP/Abstraction pipeline, and technical details of this module. The presentation will include a demonstration of this module and roadmap of its implementation at Fred Hutch.