Skyline and Panorama: Key Tools for Establishing a Targeted LC/MS Workflow

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Kristin Wildsmith, OMNI Biomarker Development, Development Sciences, Genentech, Inc. (a member of the Roche Group)


Although identification and development of clinically relevant biomarkers is challenging, they are critical for successful drug development and for ensuring the right drugs are given the right patients. Targeted mass spectrometry is one key technology we employ to evaluate candidate biomarkers. Due to its ability to support a multitude of different LC/MS assay and instrument types, we are partnering with LabKey and the University of Washington through the Panorama Partnership program to implement and refine a Skyline centric LC/MS data workflow.

Skyline is an open-source software for targeted LC/MS method development, and Panorama (implemented through LabKey Server), is a data management platform supporting Skyline. They enable us to create, organize, share, search and analyze our data. This includes the ability to track instrument performance and build libraries required to support discovery proteomics approaches. Our vision is to utilize Skyline and Panorama in partnership with LabKey to streamline our LC/MS workflow in order to impact clinical programs through accelerated biomarker discovery and development.

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