Management and Integration of Diverse Data Types in Type 1 Diabetes Research

Presented by:  Jon Rue, MS, R&D IT Manager, Novo Nordisk Research Center, Seattle

The Novo Nordisk Type 1 Diabetes Research Center is singularly focused on the prevention and treatment of Type 1 Diabetes. The unique concept behind the group is to combine basic research and early proof-of-concept trials under one umbrella. Researchers at the center have a mandate to pursue a translational research approach to finding new antigen-based immunological and vaccine treatment advances for type 1 diabetes (T1D) via both in-house and external, public-private collaborations. This approach enables researchers to speed up the transition of early-stage discovery projects based on animal models to small clinical exploratory trials.

To support these efforts the Novo Nordisk T1D Research Center has implemented a sophisticated data management infrastructure built around LabKey Server. Integrating data from external sources including clinical sample repositories and animal colony management systems along with observational and experimental assay data provides researchers with real-time management of their experiments and projects. Working with LabKey to integrate these external systems and develop customized data interfaces that simplify the collection of observational and assay data has yielded a flexible easy to use platform that simplifies the management and collection of experimental data. Moreover, taking advantage of the existing visualization and data representation features including the easy to use built-in view and report generation capabilities along with the more advanced database query and R scripting engine provides researchers one-click access to their data. This presentation will provide an overview of Novo Nordisk’s Type 1 Diabetes research efforts and describe how our data management platform is helping to improve the quality of our research.