Optide-Hunter: Informatics Solutions for Optimized Peptide Drug Development Through the Integration of Heterogeneous Data and Protein Engineering Hierarchy

Presented By

Mi-Youn Brusniak, Ph.D., PMP., Director of Bioinformatics, Optides Program, Fred Hutch


Traditional pharmaceutical and biotech therapeutic agents have shown some limitations in certain biological targets. Small molecules cannot hit protein-protein interactions and ion channels with sufficient specificity to gain a reasonable therapeutic index. Large molecules like antibodies have been successful with high specificity and predictable outcomes in clinical trials. However, they have inherent shortcomings such as intracellular targets or for targets behind the blood-brain barrier. We have developed a new platform called Optide [optimized peptide] for drug discovery that has the potential to yield drugs for diseases that are currently considered incurable. Optide-Hunter is built by customizing LabKey software to track Optide library inventories, hierarchical compound relationships and their associated analytical and biological data. It also generates hierarchical and peer views with critical assay data for easy data mining and drug development strategy ideas.

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