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Rapid innovation drives progress and you need tools that evolve as fast as your research. LabKey Pharma & Biotech solutions provide the flexibility of a custom tool without the risk of starting from scratch. The LabKey framework allows you to seamlessly integrate data into a secure, central repository for cross-project analysis and optimize processes with flexible, automate workflows.

Secure integrated data

Centralize Data Securely

Integrate high volumes of data from diverse systems into a secure centralized repository.

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Process consistency

Achieve Faster, More Reliable Processes

Automate workflows and standardize processes, review and refine to achieve maximum efficiency.

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Search complete data

Enable Aggregated Data Analysis

Analyze your complete data landscape, conducting queries and visualizations using LabKey tools or external analysis packages.

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Cross-Project Collaboration

Facilitate Cross-Project Collaboration

Extend the use of data by making it available to collaborators in a secure, web-based environment.

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"We needed a system that allowed us to manage the day-to-day activities of our research, our studies, and our experiments. LabKey and its study capabilities fit the bill quite well."

LabKey Pharma & Biotech Client

Products & Services

LabKey Biologics

LabKey Biologics increases visibility into the biotherapeutic research cycle by integrating biologics registration, materials tracking, and workflow management into a single tool with an easy-to-use interface.

LabKey Server

LabKey Server is a highly flexible software platform, that allows organizations to integrate, analyze and share complex biomedical data. LabKey offers a Community Edition of the platform that is open-source and freely available as well as Premium Editions that include additional functionality and support.

Panorama Partners Program

The Panorama Partners Program provides organizations with the opportunity to engage directly with the Panorama and Skyline development teams, and to help shape the direction of Panorama’s ongoing development to better suit specific targeted mass spec needs.

Custom Development Services

Custom development services are available to Premium Edition clients who would like to extend LabKey Server beyond existing functionality. Our development team works with clients to understand their needs, develop system requirements and deliver custom solutions.

Operations Consulting Services

LabKey solutions can be client hosted or hosted by LabKey. For customers who would like to host their own installation, but need some additional operational support, LabKey offers operations consulting services to help guide the installation and maintenance of self-hosted solutions.

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