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07 Mar 2016

ITN Trial Share

The Immune Tolerance Network (ITN) developed ITN TrialShare as a research web portal for both operational data management and post-publication sharing of data from clinical trials. The ITN is a multinational effort that encompasses over 100 investigators, over 40 phase I/II clinical trials, and over 100 sites.

ITN TrialShare is exceptional in how it serves as a public portal for de-identified data, annotations, analyses, and fully interactive figures from published clinical trials. In August 2013, ITN TrialShare broke new ground for clinical trial transparency by directly linking a major clinical trial publication to participant-level data and interactive analyses. Members of the public can use the portal to re-run and validate statistical analyses, interactively explore alternative hypotheses, and export data for external analysis. In July 2014, the National Academies named ITN TrialShare as the winner of the Data and Information Challenge. See: ITN TrialShare: Enabling True Clinical Trial Transparency.

Many of the data exploration tools available in ITN TrialShare are part of the core LabKey Server platform; others involve leveraging the platform’s API, source code customization, and custom coding using the frameworks and languages supported by LabKey Server. ITN TrialShare also utilizes LabKey Server’s de-identification tools to de-identify participant-level data before public release to help ensure patient confidentiality. As of mid-2014, ITN TrialShare contained clinical and mechanistic assay data from 35 clinical trials, including 3,200 patients and 72,000 study visits.

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07 Mar 2016


Argos is a data exploration and visualization portal for the Hutch Integrated Data Repository & Archive (HIDRA), a collaborative effort of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center/University of Washington Cancer Consortium. HIDRA provides a centralized and standardized way to securely distribute data for every patient and research subject of the Consortium – approximately 335,000 historical individuals as of late 2014, with over 5000 new patients annually. HIDRA aims to help Consortium scientists and physicians learn from every patient who is diagnosed or treated at the Center and translate this information into individually-tailored treatments, new hypotheses, innovative clinical trials, and larger-scale studies.

Researchers and clinicians can use the HIDRA Argos portal to pursue precision oncology by efficiently accessing and analyzing a larger volume and variety of related data than was previously possible. For example, they can compare genetic markers for an individual tumor with rich historical data to explore which treatments were effective for cancers with similar markers.

Argos is an extension to the LabKey Server open-source platform. It has been designed to be adaptable to the needs of other research organizations.

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