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Introduction to Panorama for Targeted Proteomics Research

Presented: September 21, 2017

Josh Eckels, LabKey VP of Software Engineering, and Vagisha Sharma, Software Developer at the University of Washington’s MacCoss Lab, provide an introduction to Panorama, the LabKey Server module for targeted proteomics research. This webinar presents how Panorama integrates into a Skyline workflow to support:

  • Search and review of a large collection of experiments
  • Performance of quality control with AutoQC and interactive plots
  • Analysis of quantitative data with new calibration curve support
  • Secure sharing, aggregation, and curation results

Panorama Partners Program

The Panorama Partners Program is designed to help organizations make the most of Panorama and its integration with Skyline, and provides a unique opportunity to help guide its development.

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