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Using Existing LabKey Modules to Build a Platform for Immunotherapy Clinical Trials


Presenter: Hannah Smithers, Research Associate, Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research

The Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research at Seattle Children’s Research Institute conducts immunotherapy clinical trials in which a patient’s own immune cells are engineered in order to better fight cancer cells. The Correlative Studies Laboratory (CSL) focuses on understanding how these reprogrammed T cells react in each patient in terms of their persistence, functionality and efficiency at reducing tumor burden by examining the cells using flow cytometry, quantitative PCR and immunoassays. The data generated by the CSL is shared with the cell production core to refine manufacturing processes, the research lab to modify and improve the engineered T cell design, and the clinical team to track therapy progress in the patient.

The CSL has been working with LabKey to design a platform to merge data generated by these various teams in order to create a truly translational research model. After one year from the database build, the CSL has uploaded data for their first ongoing clinical trial and are independently working on developments to create straightforward graphs and tables relevant to the more universal user. They have been working with the LabKey team to customize the database without the use of a full-time developer and to make use of the many “out-of-the-box” interfaces that it provides, specifically the application of the flow cytometry module, the luminex assay module, and general assay module for qPCR and other assays. This presentation will highlight their work-in-progress of database development and management as the clinical trials at the Ben Towne Center continue to expand and grow.

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