Sharing Targeted Proteomics Assays Using Skyline and Panorama

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Presented at the 2013 American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) Conference, June 9-13, 2013.


Josh Eckels, V Sharma, B MacLean, GK Taylor, NJ Shulman, AB Stergachis, SA Joyner, JD Jaffe, Michael J. MacCoss


Panorama developers have implemented repository software for laboratories accumulating targeted proteomics experimental results in the form of Skyline documents. The software helps labs organize results, collaborate securely, and build collections of data representative of targeted assays to inform future experiments. Skyline, a popular Targeted MS desktop application, now supports both publishing a document directly to a server running Panorama, as well as downloading chromatogram libraries representative of targeted assays from a Panorama server. Developed as a module in the LabKey Server biomedical data management platform, Panorama is freely-available and open source. Free hosted Panorama projects are also available on