Panorama: A Private Repository of Targeted Proteomics Assays for Skyline

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Presented at the 2012 American Society for Mass Spectrometry Conference, May 20-24, 2012.


Vagisha Sharma, Brendan MacLean, Josh Eckels, Andrew B. Stergachis , Jacob D. Jaffe, Michael J . MacCoss


The Skyline Targeted Proteomics Environment has enabled researchers to rapidly generate and evaluate assays for targeted proteomics experiments on a wide range of instrumentation. The ability to easily produce and refine targeted methods has created a need for a database of validated assays that can benefit future investigations. We present Panorama, an open-source and freely available repository server application for targeted assays that integrates seamlessly into a Skyline-based proteomics workflow. Scientists can access a Panorama server via a web-browser interface to upload Skyline documents, and query available results. We present the current state of the project and discuss plans for future work.