Ancillary Study Management Systems: What Do We Need?


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Presented at the American Medical Informatics Association 2012 Joint Summits on Translational Science (Clinical Research Informatics Summit), March 22, 2012.


Elizabeth K. Nelson, PhD1, Britt Piehler, BA, MBA1, Adam Rauch, BS1, Sarah Ramsay, MPH2, Drienna Holman, MPH2, Smita Asare, BS3, 4, Adam Asare, PhD3,4, Mark Igra, BS1

1LabKey Software, Seattle, WA; 2Statistical Center for HIV/AIDS Research & Prevention (SCHARP), Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA; 3University of California, San Francisco, CA; 4Immune Tolerance Network, Bethesda, MD


Ancillary studies allow researchers to leverage the high-value data collected as part of a primary trial or study, augment it with new measurements, and answer questions that were not part of the primary study design. Management of ancillary studies is complex, so tool support is desirable. We review the core scenarios that an ancillary study management system (ASMS) would need to support. We are currently developing an open-source, general-purpose ASMS based on LabKey Server.