A mouse model repository for cancer biomarker discovery

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Early detection of cancer using biomarkers obtained from blood or other easily accessible tissues would have a significant impact on reducing cancer mortality. However, identifying new blood-based biomarkers has been hindered by the dynamic complexity of the human plasma proteome, confounded by genetic and environmental variability, and the scarcity of high quality controlled samples. In this report, we discuss a new paradigm for biomarker discovery through the use of mouse models. Inbred mouse models of cancer recapitulate many critical features of human cancer, while eliminating sources of environmental and genetic variability. The ability to collect samples from highly matched cases and controls under identical conditions further reduces variability which is critical for successful biomarker discovery. We describe the establishment of a repository containing tumor, plasma, urine, and other tissues from 10 different mouse models of human cancer, including two breast, two lung, two prostate, two gastrointestinal, one ovarian, and one skin tumor model. We present the overall design of this resource and its potential use by the research community for biomarker discovery.

Karen S. Kelly-Spratt, A. Erik Kasarda, Mark Igra and Christopher J. Kemp. A mouse model repository for cancer biomarker discovery.  Journal of Proteome Research. 2008, 7(8): 3613-8. PMID: 18624399