Release: LabKey Server v16.1

Feature Highlights

The LabKey Server 16.1 release includes user interface enhancements as well as added functionality to expand the platform’s workflow management and data integration capabilities.

User Interface Enhancements: Several user interface enhancements have been released as part of LabKey Server 16.1, including: hover for file preview, display image thumbnails in a grid, and customizable email templates for announcements.

Panorama Updates: New additions to Panorama, LabKey Server’s targeted mass spectrometry  module, include the addition of mass accuracy metrics to the quality control dashboard, automatic version tracking of Skyline documents, and support for storing and viewing small molecule data.

FreezerPro Integration:* Enhancements to LabKey Server FreezerPro integration ease the setup and configuration process, through the addition of a graphical user interface for selecting specimen types and mapping columns. Performance when importing data has also been improved.

Adjudication Module:** Gain confidence that a given diagnosis or decision is correct with the new LabKey Server Adjudication Module. This module facilitates independent assessments of a given case, where two or more assessors have access to the same data, but cannot see the other’s decision before they have made their own determination.

For additional details, view the 16.1 release notes, or download the latest version of LabKey Server.

*Premium feature available in the Professional Plus and Enterprise Editions of LabKey Server. Also available as an Add-on to the Professional Edition.

**The LabKey Server Adjudication Module is available open-source but is not included in the 16.1 Community Edition standard distribution. Contact us for more information.