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Registering Protein and Nucleotide Sequences in LabKey Biologics

Quick Look: Registering Protein & Nucleotide Sequences in LabKey Biologics

[vc_video link=”” el_width=”80″ align=”center”]In working with our pharma & biotech partners to develop LabKey Biologics, we learned that having the flexibility to register not only nucleotide and protein sequences, but also register a specific DNA/RNA sequence and the protein sequence it encodes was essential.

Sequence Translation Tools

To support this need, LabKey Biologics includes an intuitive mechanism for registering protein and nucleotide sequences on their own (through the user interface or via the API), and performing translations between the two. The key step is our translation page, which gives users the ability to select the encoding DNA / RNA sequence, pick any translation frame, see the resultant protein, and select the start and stop.

Flexibility While Maintaining Uniqueness

The system is flexible to support a variety of scenarios, accounting for the fact that different nucleotide sequences can encode for the same protein sequence and that a single nucleotide sequence can encode for multiple proteins. But at every step ensures that registration is not being duplicated and that entities are unique.

For a quick look at this functionality in action, check out the video above.

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