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Life science cloud hosting- let us focus on your hosting, so you can focus on your research.

Secure and reliable cloud hosting services for life science organizations of any size.

Our life science cloud hosting provides security, compliance and support to relieve the burden of hosting and maintaining an operating environment for LabKey products.  We use our cloud infrastructure expertise and deep platform knowledge to ensure your operating environments are updated, reliable, and secure.

  • Dedicated, Scalable Virtual Servers to meet the most demanding workloads
  • Virtual Private Network (VLAN Segmentation)
  • Maintenance of operating system patching and software dependencies
  • Fully Managed Backup Services
  • Managed LabKey Server software upgrades

Protecting and securing your data is our priority.

Our hosting plans include robust security, monitoring and encryption services.

  • Network Hardened Managed Firewall: We manage the firewall protecting client systems, ensuring that only authorized network traffic will reach the client environment.  
  • Web Application Firewall: We employ a Web Application firewall to inspect traffic at the application layer and provide increased protection to block common attack patterns.
  • Database and File System Encryption (data encryption at rest): LabKey Compliance systems utilize database and file-level encryption, ensuring that all client data is encrypted at rest. 
  • Encrypted Network Tunnels (data in transit encryption): All network traffic is encrypted using TLS 1.2 between the browser client and web servers. All database network traffic is encrypted using database encryption protocols. 
  • Cybercrime IP Reputation Blocking (Malware/Botnet protection): Network traffic from well-known malware/botnets is blocked at the firewall level and not allowed. 
  • Application Monitoring: LabKey uses multiple monitoring systems to ensure the health of client systems.

Life Science Cloud Hosting Options

LabKey offers 3 different options for life science cloud hosting- Starter, Professional and Compliance.



(Included with Starter Edition)

Storage: 64GB
Environments: 1 (production only)
Instance Type: Shared
Back-up Retention: 35 Days



($10,000/year for Starter Edition clients)

Storage: 512GB
Environments: 2 (production & staging)
Instance Type: Separate web & database
Back-up Retention: 1 Year


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Storage: 1024GB
Environments: 2 (production & staging)
Instance Type: Separate web & database
Back-up Retention: Up to 7 years

Additional Security:

  • Vulnerability scanning at the operating system and web application levels. 
  • Intrusion prevention and detection systems to detect and prevent system intrusion. 
  • Operating system root volume encryption.

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