Secure Research Data Collaboration

Share results and insights securely with fine-grained data access controls and collaboration tools.

Researchers need to both share and secure data with great precision. They need to create relationships between their data and different audiences, showing and holding back different aspects of their data with colleagues, collaborators, and the general public.

Collaboration Tools

Complex research projects require cooperation between many players: clinics, labs, specimen repositories, data centers, and others. LabKey Server provides a collaborative research platform with a suite of secure, web-based collaboration tools the help researchers bring all of the pieces together.

File management — Share and manage files using a secure repository
Message boards — Facilitate team discussions about your project.
Issue tracking — Solve multi-step problems requiring input from many team members.
Wiki pages — Document and contextualize your project.
Survey Designer — Design and integrate surveys.
RedCap Integration — Integrate RedCap survey data.
Adjudication Module — Tools for increased diagnosis confidence through independent determinations.
Contacts — When enabled, create a user contacts page.

For more information, read related documentation available on the LabKey Support Portal:

Access Controls

LabKey Server gives you detailed control over how your data is presented to different audiences, whether the data consists of raw data files, curated data grids, or reports and summaries of the data. You can also specify different kinds of access to your data, allowing different users to edit, read, or submit data.

For more information on access controls, read related documentation available on theLabKey Support Portal:

LabKey Server: Security >
Security Tutorial >

Data De-Identification

When working with PHI data, you can refine the dataset you want to show, including de-identifying data to help protect PHI information and randomizing absolute date values while preserving their relative values.

For more information on data de-identification, read related documentation available on the LabKey Support Portal:

Using Alias Participant IDs >

Activity Logging and Audit Log

Logging and audit are pervasive throughout the server: you can see what users are doing at every level using a detailed audit log.

Auditing User Activity >

Public Access

Providing public access to selected data after publication is simply a matter of changing security settings, making it easy to satisfy NIH data sharing requirements.

Read more about Data Sharing >

Coming Soon: Compliance Module

The upcoming compliance module gives you the ultimate auditing control over your presented data, letting you see who has seen which rows of data, and why.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

Documentation & Support Resources

Feature tours, documentation and community forums are available to help you get the most out of your LabKey Server installation. Visit the LabKey Support Portal to access these resources and more.