Automate integration and process workflows, refining them for efficiency in your environment

Workflows in scientific research environments can be very complex, involving multiple instruments and storage systems, as well as dispersed data collection sites and independent teams of researchers.  LabKey Server is designed to work in these decoupled, ever-changing environments — a hallmark of LabKey is its flexibility and adaptiveness. LabKey Server is, at base, a toolkit for building workflows and data dashboards. Some of the tools are specifically targeted at common workflow problems, such as the specimen request system, while others are general and suited to multiple situations, such as the data processing pipeline.

Specimen Request Workflow

The LabKey Server specimen request system gives researchers a way to put their specimen repository online, and open to requests from interested parties. Using a “shopping cart” style interface, outside researchers can request individual specimen vials. The underlying workflow that supports the request and fulfillment process is highly customizable; administrators can decide which vials are available, who has access to the repository, and what the stages of the workflow are.

For more information on specimen request workflows, read related documentation available on the LabKey Support Portal:

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Data Processing Pipeline

Mistakes are inevitable in this complex, uncoupled environment, so fault tolerance is an important part of any workflow. LabKey Server provides extensive logging and auditing capabilities to help can identify problems spots and repair them quickly. The platform’s data processing pipeline manages each step in a complex processing job. When something goes wrong, the pipeline logs the problem, and notifies the user.

For more information on data processing pipelines, read related documentation available on the LabKey Support Portal:

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Other Workflow Support Tools

Other workflow tools in LabKey Server include issue tracking to support complex tasks, assay scheduling and tracking, a natural language processing pipeline*, and more.

For more information on workflow support tools, read related documentation available on the LabKey Support Portal:

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*Under development for release in 2016.


Documentation & Support Resources

Feature tours, documentation and community forums are available to help you get the most out of your LabKey Server installation. Visit the LabKey Support Portal to access these resources and more.