LabKey Server

Virtual Machine Image*
Binaries for Manual Installation (.zip)
Binaries for Manual Installation (tar.gz)

*The Virtual Machine Image is intended for single-machine, on-premise evaluation of LabKey Server. For production environments, please follow the manual installation process. If you are interested in an enterprise-scale installation, please contact us.

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Pipeline Configuration (tar.gz)
Pipeline Configuration (zip) 
Java Client API Library (.zip)
SAS Client API Library (.zip)
Python Client APT (GitHub)
JavaScript Client API Library Docs (.zip)

Optional, third-party components for manual Linux/Unix installation

LabKey Server Source Code

LabKey Server Community Edition is an open-source Java application, distributed under the Apache 2.0 license. The Community Edition source code is freely available via Subversion. Instructions for downloading source code from the LabKey Server Subversion repository are available here. View additional information about the LabKey Server Community Edition open source project and related resources on the LabKey Support Portal.