Find, filter and query integrated data to locate specific data of interest

Mountains of data don’t have much value if you can’t find your way through them. Large volumes of heterogeneous data require efficient ways to find and evaluate trends and anomalies. You need a way to ask questions of the data, and capture the answers in some form of report.  To help you get to the data of interest, LaKey Server supports a broad range of data inquiry solutions, including graphical grid interfaces for refining and focusing data, quick visualization tools, and specialized dashboards and reports.

Argos Oncology Portal

LabKey Argos navigates a large and diverse data collection in the pursuit of precision oncology.  Using specialized visualizations and dashboards, Argos can quickly help evaluate many candidate hypotheses, for example, comparing medical and treatment histories or comparing genetic markers for an individual tumor with rich historical data for cancers with similar markers.

Documentation & Support Resources

Feature tours, documentation and community forums are available to help you get the most out of your LabKey Server installation. Visit the LabKey Support Portal to access these resources and more.