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17 Feb 2016

LabKey Operations Consulting

Operations Support When You Need It

LabKey Server can be client hosted or hosted by LabKey. For customers who would like to host their own installation, but need some additional operational support LabKey offers Assisted Operations Consulting services. Operations consultants provide hands-on support operations as well as guide clients on best practices for operating LabKey Server.


Infrastructure Recommendations

Receive tailored infrastructure recommendations designed to support the specific needs of your environment.

System monitoring

Architecture Guidance

Ensure that your systems are built right from the very beginning with architecture guidance from LabKey experts. 

Regular Software Updates

Lifecycle Management Evaluation

Work with the LabKey team to ensure the long-term value of your software through proper lifecycle management.

Best Practice Guidance

Compliance Reviews

Review your system’s configuration with an operations consultant to guarantee your platform is upholding compliance standards. 


Interested in learning more about LabKey? Contact us and the LabKey team will work with you to understand your needs and help determine if LabKey is the right fit for your research.

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23 Dec 2015

Panorama Partners Program

Partners in Progress

The Panorama Partners Program helps organizations successfully adopt and integrate Panorama, LabKey Server’s targeted mass spectrometry module, into their existing workflows. Partner organizations have direct access to the Panorama and Skyline development teams, and help shape the direction of Panorama’s ongoing development to better suit their specific targeted mass spectrometry needs.

Provide Development Input

Direct Access to Developers

Work directly with developers to implement and optimize Panorama for your research. Developers provide installation and best practice guidance.

Influence Product Direction Icon

Influence Product Development

Panorama Partners direct product development by providing regular input to the Panorama/Skyline development teams about current and future functionality needs.

Functionality Preview Icon

Functionality Preview

Panorama Partners preview and provide feedback on all new functionality being developed in Panorama prior to its public release.

LabKey Server

LabKey Server Professional Edition

Membership includes a LabKey Server Professional Edition subscription with support and training for installation, maintenance, configuration, and usage, as well as premium functionality.

About Panorama

Panorama is a repository for targeted proteomics assays that integrates with Skyline and is freely available as open source. It is being collaboratively developed as a LabKey Server module by the Dr. Michael MacCoss Lab at the University of Washington and LabKey Software. The Panorama module is available as a part of all LabKey Server Editions. In-house installations help satisfy strict organizational confidentiality requirements, and are ideal for pharmaceutical companies that work with targeted proteomics data.

Panorama Web

PanoramaWeb is a public Panorama server hosted at the University of Washington where laboratories and organizations can own free projects. You can request a project on this server to find out what Panorama has to offer, without having to set up and maintain your own LabKey Server. You will be able to explore all the available features in Panorama, and be given administrative rights to your project so that you can set up folders and configure permissions. The LabKey Server security infrastructure will allow you to keep your data as private as you want or release it publicly when you are ready.

Learn More About PanoramaWeb

23 Dec 2015

LabKey Custom Development

Custom Solutions for Your Unique Research

LabKey offers custom software development services to Premium Edition clients who would like to extend LabKey Server beyond its existing functionality. Our development team works with clients to understand their needs, develop system requirements, and deliver a custom solution for their unique research environment. LabKey employs a highly iterative, scenario-driven, user-centered approach to ensure we solve your highest priority problems first, with user-pleasing results, predictable costs and well-understood deliverables.

Integrate Diverse Systems

Integrate Existing Resources and Systems

LabKey Server integrates with a variety of research tools and systems, but your needs may be unique. Customize LabKey Server to integrate with your research ecosystem.

HIPAA FISMA compliance

Address Your Specific Needs and Priorities

Extend the LabKey Server platform to meet the functionality and workflow needs of your unique research environment.

Provide Development Input

Get Directly Involved in the Development Process

Define your solution and provide feedback every step of the way, ensuring that your custom solution meets your expectations.

Long-Term Partnership

Develop a Lasting Partnership

As your development partner, we work to understand your long-term vision and develop solutions that are prepared to evolve with your environment.

“LabKey’s people are experts in translating complex needs into practical software. They have worked closely with our statisticians and our internal IT staff to create a system that enables collaborators to analyze, validate and share datasets from labs and clinics around the globe, as they are collected. This tight collaboration enables researchers to build on each other’s work much more rapidly. I think it is key to accelerating the pace of new discoveries.”
Dr. Steve Self, Executive Director, SCHARP


23 Dec 2015

LabKey Biologics

LabKey Biologics

Biologics Research & Development

Accelerate biotherapeutic discovery with LabKey Biologics. LabKey Biologics provides an intuitive suite of tools for entity registration, workflow management, and data exploration, uniquely designed support large molecule R&D.

See LabKey Biologics in action, try it free for 30 days.

Gain Deeper Insight Through Integrated Data

Track generations of proteins, plasmids and physical samples, and connect design data to related multi-dimensional assay results for a complete data landscape.

Centralize Management for a Streamlined Workflow

Centrally manage research operations, from request to results to analysis, helping your team collaborate effectively and efficiently.

Prepare Today for the Science of Tomorrow

Build a foundation for future growth with an enterprise solution designed to evolve at the fast pace of biologic science.

LabKey Biologics Entity Registration Software Tools for molecules, molecular species, nucleotide sequences, protein sequences, expression systems, constructs, vectors, and cell lines

Entity Registration

Register all critical biologic entities to ensure uniqueness and enable reporting on biological targets. Customize entity definitions and their relationships, creating a structured registry that is tailored to your research.

Learn more about biological entity registration tools > 

Sample Tracking

Generate unique sample IDs according to your configured standard in LabKey Biologics. Link samples directly to details about their lineage and downstream analytical results.

Biologics sample lineage tracking software in LabKey Biologics
Connect sample information to assay data, lineage data, and target data

Assay Data Integration

Integrate experiment data from any assay, connecting results to related sample details and lineage information. Keep it organized with an analytical data hierarchy for easy access and discoverability.

Take a quick look at assay data integration in LabKey Biologics >

Querying & Analysis

Query and present data of different types in one view for analysis. Easily access assay results and complex lineage history to expose relationships between entities and patterns in your data.

Tools for querying complex molecular data
LabKey Biologics Media Registration Software

Media Registration

Define standard recipes and available raw ingredients to facilitate consistent media preparation. Register media batches as they are created, tying batch details and ingredients lot numbers to downstream results.

Learn more about media registration in LabKey Biologics >

Workflow Management

Streamline a variety of research process from assay request management to task assignment, with customizable workflow tools. A dashboard view of research operations helps identify bottlenecks and balance team member workloads.

LabKey Biologics workflow dashboard

LabKey Biologics Technology

Build on LabKey Server: LabKey Biologics is built on the LabKey Server platform, coupling its robust data integration infrastructure with an easy-to-use interface tailored to Biologics R&D workflows.

Learn more about the LabKey Server platform >

Integration Support LabKey Biologics integrates with a wide variety of research tools including assay instruments, external inventory systems, electronic data capture applications, antibody classification services, and data analysis tools.

Learn more about instrument, software, and database integrations >

Developer Friendly: Create your own modules in LabKey Biologics to support your organization’s unique research objectives.

API Accessible: Extend and customize LabKey Biologics to meet you unique needs using the LabKey Server client APIs.

Learn more about LabKey APIs >

Case Study

Creating a "Single Source of Truth" for Biologics Data at Just Biotherapeutics

Just Biotherapeutics partnered with LabKey to develop a “single source of truth” for biologics registration, sample tracking, and workflow management at Just.

See LabKey Biologics in Action

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