Hutch News covers debut of HICOR IQ

A new article in the Fred Hutch News, Easing cancer’s heavy financial burden, covers both the Hutch Institute for Outcomes Research (HICOR) 2015 Value in Cancer Care (VCC) Summit and the debut of HICOR IQ.

HICOR IQ is an instance of LabKey Server. According to the Hutch News:

“Participants also learned about a new oncology informatics database tool known as HICOR IQ, which will provide cancer care partners such as Virginia Mason, Swedish Cancer Institute, Overlake Cancer Center and others with updated reporting on trends in oncology as well as guide patients through their cancer care decisions.”…read more

The Hutch’s HICOR IQ overview describes the system:

“…HICOR IQ is a database of population-based cancer incidence and survival information and insurance claims data that gives our regional partners continuously updated reporting of trends in oncology.”

Currently in a beta version, HICOR IQ contains enrollment and claims from Premera Blue Cross and Regence that is securely provided to HICOR and linked to the Cancer Surveillance System to incorporate clinical outcomes data. Future versions will include data from other health plans, healthcare systems and patients in order to more fully capture the patient experience and identify areas for targeted intervention. Partner-specific access will allow for customized data views and monitoring of payor/clinic-specific programs.

Users can select their metrics of interest and configure plots based on regional or clinic views, as well as breakdowns by age, cancer site, stage and so forth. Through this dynamic tool, we hope to empower our partners with readily-accessible, meaningful reports.