Fast Co. Design: How Designers Are Helping HIV Researchers Find A Vaccine

Fast Co. Design has released an article featuring LabKey collaborator Artefact and the recently launched CAVD DataSpace project. The CAVD DataSpace portal is a LabKey Server-based “hypothesis engine” and visualization tool, designed in collaboration with Seattle-based design firm Artefact to facilitate open science and collaborative research. The user-friendly CDS interface  helps researchers explore data across HIV studies and filter, combine, visualize, and export precise datasets of interest.

The DataSpace portal features an intuitive UI designed by Artefact, but the data integration behind the scene is what really makes this platform so invaluable to researchers.

“The secret sauce is that aforementioned data harmonization. Artefact learned which sorts of data points were most helpful in HIV research from scientists, and, working with LabKey and SCHARP, hand-coded that data into the back-end of DataSpace so they could be easily correlated and compared. Basically, the graphs are nice—but the real magic of the platform is thanks to the invisible labor ensuring all study results were presented in the same apples-to-apples figures.”

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