Looking Forward: 2017 at LabKey

As we move forward into a new year, the LabKey team is excited to share our vision for 2017 with the LabKey community. Key priorities for this year include:

LabKey Biologics - Entity registration, assay integration and workflow management for biotherapuetic researchLaunching LabKey Biologics

March 2017 will mark a very exciting milestone as we release our new product, LabKey Biologics. Thanks to the close partnership that we have had with Just Biotherapeutics and feedback we have received from members of the biotech community that participate in our Product Advisory Council, this product is prepared to help biologic research and development teams optimize their workflows and extract valuable insights from their data.

Improving the LabKey Server User Experience

In working with teams using LabKey Server and hearing the great feedback from users at the LabKey User Conference, we determined there is a need to make changes to improve the LabKey Server user experience. In 2017, we will be investing time into upgrading the platform’s UI in order to make LabKey Server easier to install and use more effectively.

Extending Compliance Capabilities in LabKey Server

This year, the LabKey team will also be focusing on expanding the capabilities of LabKey Server to better support regulatory compliance as well as providing compliant hosting services. Support for electronic signatures, enhanced functionality to protect PHI, and new FISMA compliance features will be added in 2017 to extend LabKey Server support for regulatory compliance.

In addition to our focus areas, LabKey will continue to make platform enhancements to support the bioinformatics needs of our users. We are looking forward to another great year working with the LabKey community and supporting the incredible work being conducted by our partners!