LabKey Server v16.3 Release

What’s New in LabKey Server v16.3

We are excited to announce the release of LabKey Server v16.3! This release includes a variety of valuable enhancements to the LabKey Server platform, including:


Visualization has been a LabKey development focus throughout 2016, and the 16.3 release was no different.  This release included the addition of a new chart designer featuring drag-and-drop column selection and a range of visualization look and feel customization options. The new chart designer also introduced bar chart and pie chart visualizations, in addition to the scatter and box plots that were previously available. Additional visualization enhancements include improved control over the way the Data Views web part is displayed, binning for large data sets to help improve the readability of scatter plots, and the introduction of new premium column summary statistics including standard deviation and standard error.

System Integration

The 16.3 release of LabKey Server included a variety of updates to the LabKey Server ETL engine including improved PostgreSQL scalability by removing the 100 column limit on PostgreSQL tables that are the target of ETL processes, added ability to use an alternative key as opposed to a target table’s primary key when merging data with an ETL process, and support for ETL transformation using a Java class.

RStudio integration was also introduced as a part of the LabKey Server v16.3 release, allowing users to design R reports in RStudio using data selected in LabKey Server.


Administrators gained new flexibility with the addition of Date and DateTime data types that are more intuitive to use, as well as new folder administration options that allow admins to create folder templates that can be applied across multiple folders simultaneously.

Study Data Management

Several UI enhancements to were made as part of LabKey Server v16.3 to simplify study data management. This includes a new UI for assay scheduling and a new UI for managing vaccine study products and treatments. The study database schema was also redesigned to boost performance and use less storage space.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Document Abstraction

A new, more intuitive interface for document abstraction and improved abstraction workflow with options for manual abstraction, automatic abstraction and document review, were added in v16.3 to help streamline the process of abstracting unstructured data.

Assays & Instrument Data

The Signal Data Module was added to LabKey Server as part of the 16.3 release, allowing users to capture data and metadata for HPLC experiments. Updates were also made to better support the handling of Luminex® data; users can now reimport assay data without losing exclusions and bead numbers are no longer included on analytes.

For documentation about the functionality additions and enhancements included in the LabKey Server v16.3 release, read the 16.3 release notes on the LabKey Support Portal.

Download the latest version of LabKey Server >