LabKey Server v16.2 Release

We’re excited to announce the release of LabKey Server v16.2! This release includes new visualization capabilities, updates to Panorama functionality, user interface enhancements, and more!

Column Visualizations
Gain insight into your data with Column Visualizations, a new chart type for individual columns of data. View Documentation >

Column Analytics
Easily calculate aggregate values, and other analytic results with Column Analytics. Average, Min, Max, and other functions can be added to the bottom of a column of data. View Documentation >

Heat Maps with Clustergrammer
Clustergrammer heat maps are a powerful way to visualize expression matrix data. Clustergrammer is now integrated into the Panorama module, allowing users to easily generate heat maps for their mass spectrometry data. View Documentation >

For details on all the new features, see the release notes, or download the latest version of LabKey Server.