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Feature Demos: LabKey Server v17.1

Support for Binning

Group data within a scatter plot to create data heat map.

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Updates to Chart Dialog

Chart dialog updates and new aggregate methods increase usability of chart wizard.

Grouped Bar Charts

Incorporate data from more columns using bar groupings.

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NAb Quality Control

Exclusion and comments options added for NAb assay data.

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Singlepoint Sample Exclusions in Luminex Assays

Exclude analytes from singlepoint unknown samples.

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Decluttering Skyline Files with AutoQC

Use AutoQC to deduplicate data and simplify updating Skyline files.

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Compliance Module Additions

Additional user/account mangement and auditing features help support FISMA compliance.

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Exporting from Data Regions to RStudio*

Export data directly from the LabKey Server data grid interface to RStudio for analysis.

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*This is currently an experimental feature

Abstraction Timer

Track the amount of time spent on each abstraction or review task.

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Auto Disable/Archive Protocols in Abstraction Interface

Archive previously defined protocols and indicate whether new protocols should remain available for future use.

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Batch, Next, and Previous Indicators Added to Abstraction Interface

New indicators added to the abstraction interface ease navigation between tasks.

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Auto-Advance to Next Case in Abstraction Interface

Automatically advance to next case in abstraction or review task list.

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