Feature Demos: LabKey Server v16.3

LabKey Server v16.3 includes new features and enhancements of existing functionality to expand visualization capabilities, accelerate extract-transform-load functions, and ease administration. Learn more about 16.3 features with these demonstrations delivered by LabKey developers.

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Additional Column Summary Statistics

New column summary statistics options have been added to LabKey Server data grids, including standard deviation and standard error.

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Apply Template Across Multiple Folders Simultaneously

Apply a folder archive template to multiple folders simultaneously.

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New Chart Designer Interface

A new chart designer featuring drag-and-drop column selection and a more intuitive layout of configuration options allows users to easily create a wide range of built-in visualization types.

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Pie and Bar Charts

Bar charts and pie charts have been added to LabKey Server quick column visualizations menu and chart designer.

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Resolving Samples in Other Locations

Samples in different containers can now be resolved in a single sample set.

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Retaining Exclusions When Reimporting Luminex Assay Runs

Users can now opt to retain the exclusion of wells, analytes, or titrations when reimporting Luminex assay runs.

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