cancer cell representation with spherical cell with many antennae coming off

Data Management for Precision Oncology at OHSU

The Knight Cancer Center’s Precision Oncology program depends on the complete, correct, and integrated collection of clinical and research data. LabKey is tasked with managing this data so that researchers can focus on treatments and patient care.

The status quo for cancer treatment is to assign a standard treatment based on the type or location of a patient’s cancer. Past performance of treatments is aggregated and evaluated based on general effectiveness for an average patient. This approach does not take into account the uniqueness of a patient’s tumor on a genomic, structural or microscopic level. 

Precision oncology by contrast uses a targeted approach that takes into account the individual characteristics of a patient and their cancer to create specific treatment recommendations tailored to the individual patient.   By collecting large amounts of data, oncologists are able to analyze fine-grained details about the performance of specific treatments and patient attributes to improve the outcome for the individual patient. 

Managing Precision Oncology Data

Managing the vast amount of data required for precision oncology can be a challenging task for researchers. Having a myriad of spreadsheets with multiple owners or trying to collect and analyze data that is siloed in disparate systems can be detrimental to gaining a complete understanding of a patient and their cancer.

LabKey provides lab data management tools that are highly tuned to bring together the diverse datasets and offer alignment and reporting.  With LabKey, the OHSU Data Management Systems Team makes the data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable to facilitate clinical decision-making and research discovery/hypothesis testing and generation. 

LabKey Server for Precision Oncology Data Management at OHSU

LabKey Server is at the heart of the Knight Cancer Institute’s data management system. Led by Patrick Leyshock Ph.D., the Data Management System Operations Team at the Knight Cancer Institute is responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining both technologies and work processes for precision oncology data management. The presentation below focuses on the Knight Cancer Institute’s LabKey-based precision oncology data management system and covers multiple aspects of the system, including its architecture, workflows, and user types.