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Thanks to all who joined us for the 2014 User Conference and Workshop! We were excited to see a great mix of new faces and established users highlighting the global reach of LabKey Server - attendees from Seattle to Kenya shared their experiences with research taking place all over the world.

Presentations by leading adopters explored model applications of the platform, areas of recent development, and operational considerations for ensuring successful projects. We hope you're as excited to hear their stories as we were!

Progress Report on the Hutch Integrated Data Repository and Archive (HIDRA)

Eric Holland, MD, PhD, Senior VP and Director, Human Biology DivisionFHCRC
Paul Fearn, MS, MBA, Biomedical Informatics Lead, FHCRC

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At Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, researchers are gathering, classifying, deciphering and, ultimately, translating massive amounts of clinical and tumor data into improved outcomes for cancer patients. HIDRA - the Hutch Integrated Data Repository and Archive – is an effort to combine research data from Fred Hutchinson’s laboratories with patient records from its Cancer Consortium partners (UW Medicine, Seattle Children’s and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance) to build a single database that helps read more...


Using Existing LabKey Modules to Build a Platform for Immunotherapy Clinical Trials

Hannah Smithers, Research Associate, Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research

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The Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research at Seattle Children's Research Institute conducts immunotherapy clinical trials in which a patient’s own immune cells are engineered in order to better fight cancer cells. The Correlative Studies Laboratory (CSL) focuses on understanding how these reprogrammed T cells react in each patient in terms of their persistence, functionality and efficiency at reducing tumor burden by examining the cells using read more...


Enabling Integrative Modeling of Human Immunological Data with ImmuneSpace

Raphael Gottardo, PhD, Associate Member, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, FHCRC

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The Human Immunology Project Consortium (HIPC) is a major collaborative effort that is generating large amounts of cross-center and cross-assay data. Last year, Dr. Gottardo presented an overview of HIPC's vision and goals for a public portal to share HIPC generated data, and in particular the application of LabKey Server and R in support of reproducible science. This year, Dr. Gottardo will discuss read more...


Using Web-technologies to Improve Data Quality

Amy Tsay, MSc, Senior Laboratory Project Manager at Rho

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With the LabKey team, Rho has built a data portal for accepting mechanistic assay data from external organizations. This helped to streamline our internal work flow by eliminating email as a data transfer mechanism. However, the primary benefit is the immediate quality control feed-back provided to the external sites facilitated by integration with the specimen repository data. Amy Tsay will describe that process and discuss the implementation of this internal initiative and future plans for data visualization, integration with ImmPort and support for ancillary studies by permitting queries for available specimens of specified types.


Management and Integration of Diverse Data Types in Type 1 Diabetes Research

Jon Rue, MS, R&D IT Manager, Novo Nordisk Research Center, Seattle

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The Novo Nordisk Type 1 Diabetes Research Center is singularly focused on the prevention and treatment of Type 1 Diabetes. The unique concept behind the group is to combine basic research and early proof-of-concept trials under one umbrella. Researchers at the center have a mandate to pursue a translational research approach to finding new antigen-based immunological and vaccine treatment advances for type 1 diabetes (T1D) via both in-house and external, public-private collaborations. This approach enables researchers to speed up the transition of early-stage discovery projects based on read more...


The Collaborative Dataspace Program: an Integrated Approach to HIV Vaccine Data Exploration

Drienna Holman, MPH, Senior Project manager for the HIV vaccine evaluation program at SCHARP
Britt Piehler, MBA, President, LabKey Software

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In its 2010 scientific strategic plan, the Council for the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise called for a dramatic shift in the culture and practice of sharing research data. The premise of this element in their plan is that there is considerable untapped value that resides in the compendium of data generated by the many studies performed by HIV vaccine researchers around the world and that the pace towards discovery of a safe and effective HIV vaccine would be increased if read more...


Protecting Data, Sharing Data

Adam Rauch, Vice President, LabKey Software

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Every research organization must maintain the privacy and security of collected data, including pre-publication research, trade secrets, and especially individually identifiable health information. At the same time, the community and funders are increasingly recognizing the benefits of sharing research data broadly. Researchers are now asked (or required) to share their data with journals, funders, colleagues, the research community, and, in some cases, even the general public. How does an organization adequately read more...


Evolution of Connectivity in LabKey Server

Karl Lum, Partner, LabKey Software

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LabKey Server has grown into a platform that has the capability to provide compelling solutions to integrate, analyze and visualize a researcher’s data. However it has been sometimes challenging to connect external data to a LabKey server. Additionally, it has not always been optimal nor preferential to store data exclusively within a LabKey server. This presentation will examine historical changes to the LabKey Server read more...


Panel Discussion

Past LabKey User Conference attendees know that the afternoon panel discussion is a highlight of the event. It provides an opportunity to explore the themes of the day's talks in more depth, with attendee and moderator questions guiding the panelists through a discussion the common and the idiosyncratic aspects of their data management and sharing strategies. Recurring themes in LabKey User Conference panel discussions include staffing and process models of successful installations, regulatory compliance (e.g., HIPAA , GLP, and 21 CFR Part 11), and strategies for encouraging system adoption.

A portion of this year's discussion will be devoted to the relevance of "old" data to new discovery. This theme is highly relevant to several of the ambitious projects being discussed this year, including the Collaborative DataSpace, ImmuneSpace, and HIDRA/Argos, each of which takes a different approach to advancing human health through careful use and sharing of previously generated data. Panelists will be asked to talk about the challenges of data selection, preparation, and presentation such that meaningful and valid insights are possible, as well as the technological, cultural, and legal hurdles that arise when trying to use and share such data.


2014 User Workshop - Lightning Talks:

During the Workshop, attendees worked on self-selected projects with the aid of LabKey's subject matter experts. Developers from the LabKey Software team were on hand to solve tough problems one-on-one and in small groups. In a series of Lightning Talks, members of the LabKey User Community shared how they customize LabKey Server to meet their needs.

The Adventures of Biocat and Knockout Mouse - Application Driven Specimen and Data Loading with LabKey

Dennis Wightman, Software Engineer, Immune Tolerance Network


Integrating FCS Express and LabKey Server for Flow and Image Cytometry Data Management

Kaya Ghosh, Technical Applications Specialist, De Novo Software


Managing End-user Feedback and Testing Between LabKey Versions

F. Daniel Nicolalde, MS, Project Assistant, Wisconsin National Primate Research Center at the University of Wisconsin - Madison

Using LabKey to Manage Daily Activities of Complex Animal Studies

Tom Hudson, Research Associate, Novo Nordisk


Visualization with LabKey Server

Karl Lum and Cory Nathe, LabKey Software

Using the R Pipeline for RNASeq Data Analysis

Avital Sadot, LabKey Software


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