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Thanks to all who joined us for the LabKey User Conference and Workshop 2015! We were excited to see a great mix of established users and new faces from around the world. An outstanding series of presentations showed the global reach and diversity of applications of LabKey Server. We hope you will enjoy hearing their stories as much as we did!

Using Data Transparency to Improve Cancer Care

Karma Kreizenbeck, Project Director, Hutchinson Institute for Cancer Outcomes Research (HICOR)

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The cost of cancer care is one of the fastest growing components of healthcare spending in the United States, and the quality of cancer care delivery has been found to vary considerably. The need for efforts to improve the value of cancer care by improving outcomes while controlling or reducing costs has never been more apparent. In partnership with multiple committed stakeholders—patient groups, health plans, and providers—HICOR is generating consensus-based, clinically relevant, and actionable performance measures. Read more...


Providing Access to Aggregated Data without Compromising PHI

Nola Klemfuss, Program Manager, Institute for Prostate Cancer Research (IPCR)

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Prostate cancer is the most common solid tumor and the second leading cause of cancer death among American men, yet there is still tremendous uncertainty about what is the most effective therapy. In addition, treatment side effects for prostate cancer patients can dramatically impact quality of life. As a result, we have designed the Mpower Prostate Cancer Registry in partnership with LabKey... Read more...


Evolving Lab Workflows to Meet New Demands in the U.S. Military HIV Research Program (MHRP)

Stephen E. Goodwin, Vice President, Operations, Henry M. Jackson Foundation

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The Henry M Jackson Foundation (HJF) provides operational, technical, and other research support services to a wide range of military, medical, academic and government clients, including the US Military HIV Research Program (MHRP). MHRP and HJF selected LabKey Server to analyze and manage their neutralizing antibody (NAb) research data and have successfully deployed a customized assay implementation. Read more...


Data Management at ESBATech

Stefan Moese, Group Head Screening Technology, ESBATech

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ESBATech is in the process of implementing a development pipeline solution for Novartis that will capture and organize complex information about molecules and materials used to identify lead candidates for development of new antibodies.


The UK 100,000 Genomes Project

Jim Davies, Chief Technology Officer, Genomics England

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The 100,000 Genomes Project is linking whole genome sequences to detailed accounts of diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes. The sequences come from patients with cancer or rare, inherited disorders who have consented to the use of their data to increase our understanding of disease and to accelerate the development of new diagnostics and new therapeutics. The patients are under the care of the National Health Service (NHS) in England... Read more...


Maximizing the Research Value of Completed Studies

Steven Fiske, Director of Data Engineering, University of South Florida Health Informatics Institute

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The University of South Florida Health Informatics Institute (HII) acts in a data coordinating center capacity for several epidemiological research projects ranging from clinical trials to large-scale observational studies. These projects include the Rare Disease Clinical Research Network (RDCRN), The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young (TEDDY), and Type I Diabetes TrialNet. Over the last year, the Institute has implemented and extended the LabKey Server platform to offer an unprecedented level of access to study data... Read more...


Unlocking Medical Records with Natural Language Processing

Sarah Ramsay, Director, CIT Informatics, Fred Hutch
Emily Silgard, NLP Research Engineer, Fred Hutch
Adam Rauch, LabKey Software

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Currently, the majority (65-80%) of the data elements needed for clinical and translational research in cancer can only be found in unstructured narrative reports. As part of the Hutch Integrated Data Repository and Archive (HIDRA) initiative, Fred Hutch and LabKey Software have been developing an open, integrated and scalable approach to both manual data abstraction and natural language processing (NLP). Read more...



LabKey User Workshop 2015

The Workshop opened with a series of technical "Lightning Talks", and later in the day two "Studio" sessions offered an opportunity to explore topics in greater depth.

Lightning Talks:

Developing a Mobile UI for Electronic Health Records Using Knockout and jQuery Mobile

Jon Richardson, Associate Information Processing Consultant, University of Wisconsin-Madison


When to Customize: Design of Unique Visual Tools in CDS

Dave McColgin, User Experience Director, Artefact

Panorama Public: Publishing supplementary targeted proteomics data processed with Skyline

Vagisha Sharma, Panorama Developer, MacCoss Lab, University of Washington


Creating interactive and reproducible R reports using LabKey, Rserve and knitr

Leo Dashevskiy, Gottardo Lab, Fred Hutch


Realtime, Synchronous Data Integration across LabKey Application Server Data using High-throughput Distributed Messaging Systems

Lewis McGibbney, Engineering Applications Software Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology


Studio Sessions:

Data Visualization: Scientific Principles, Design Choices, and Implementation in LabKey

Catherine Richards, PhD, MPH, Staff Scientist, Hutchinson Institute for Cancer Outcomes Research
Cory Nathe, LabKey Software

This studio session covered some of the basic scientific principles around chart types and visual attributes commonly used in data visualizations, introduced the data manipulation techniques necessary to visualize data in LabKey, as well as covered the major data visualization tools that can be used.


Extending LabKey Using a Custom Database Schema

Matt Bellew and Adam Rauch, LabKey Software

Learn how to use LabKey's schema creation and update scripts to create database tables. Customize your schema using schema.xml files. Learn to use container columns for security and data partitioning. Requires access to a local machine running LabKey Server v15.2.

Download the sample files used in this session


We hope you'll plan to join us next year! If you are interested in presenting, please don't hesitate to get in touch at

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