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Matthew Bellew Matthew Bellew
Matthew began his career at Microsoft leading the team that developed QJet, the query processor for Microsoft Access. He migrated QJet into SQL-Server and later led the SQL-Server languages team. In 1999 he co-founded Westside with Mark Igra and George Snelling, where he served as CTO and lead developer. When BEA Systems purchased Westside in 2001, Matt became Director, Development on BEA WebLogic Workshop. He joined the Hutch in 2003 working for Martin McIntosh, where he built the STEDI MS2 analysis and viewing engine. Matt graduated from Harvard in 1989.




Josh Eckels Josh Eckels
Josh leads LabKey Software’s San Diego office and brings expertise in security-related projects, client-side end user applications, and server-side development. He focuses on assay data management and integration, experimental annotations and general infrastructure. He also leads development of mass spectrometry features. Prior to joining LabKey, Josh worked most recently on's data warehouse, developing the software that schedules and executes loading and querying of more than 30 terabytes of data. Before that, he was the team lead for the debugger for BEA System's WebLogic Workshop. Josh has a BS in Computer Engineering from Northwestern University.




Karl LumKarl Lum
Karl began his career at Boeing where he developed flight control software for Boeing's military projects. He also worked for WRQ as the development manager for the Reflection X Windows team and later helped develop Nimble Technology's data integration suite. At BEA, he worked with many of the LabKey staff as a member of the Weblogic Workshop team. Karl earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington, where he studied both computer science and engineering.




Britt PiehlerBritt Piehler
Britt joined LabKey in August, 2005. Prior to LabKey, Britt worked as the script engine lead at Westside, the lead developer and manager of BEA's Weblogic Workshop source editor team, and lead software engineer of's Data Warehouse team. At LabKey, Britt has worked as Software Engineer and Development Manager, with a focus on LabKey's specimen tracking and observational study modules. He now runs day-to-day operations of the company and works closely with many of LabKey's clients. Britt holds a BA from Carleton College, where he double-majored in Mathematics and Computer Science, and an MBA from the University of Washington.




Adam Rauch Adam Rauch
Adam joined Microsoft in 1989 as a Program Manager, leading the design and development of the first two versions of Visual Basic. He was Group Program Manager for NetMeeting, Microsoft's Internet conferencing client, and Passport, Microsoft's distributed Internet authentication system. Adam joined the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in 2003 where he developed a repository and analysis system for all tandem mass spectrometry data. Adam holds a BS in Computer Science from Northwestern University, and strokes a wicked bass for the Shed Boys.





Nick ArnoldNick Arnold
Nick joined LabKey after months of collaboration with the LabKey team through his work at Protein Advances Inc. He graduated from Seattle University with a BS in Computer Science and a BA in Humanities. Nick got his start in biological computing when he joined the Seattle University Summer Research program where he helped work on modeling transcription sites in M. tuberculosis. Following two years of research Nick joined the team at Protein Advances Inc as a Software Developer working on proteomic compression, formulation data analysis, and IR spectrum throughput. His interests outside of computing include aviation, cycling, hiking, and a heavy dose of baseball.




Dave Bradlee

Dave Bradlee
After graduating from Union College (NY) with a BS in math and computer science, Dave Bradlee spent 8 years in the Boston area developing Fortran, Pascal and C compilers for minicomputers at Data General and embedded microprocessors at Boston Systems Office. After moving to Seattle in 1985, Dave earned a PhD in computer science from the University of Washington in 1991. While still in graduate school, Dave began working at Microsoft. Highlights of his time there include over 7 years as developer and development lead on Visual Basic for Applications and Visual Basic 4 thru 6, where he wrote most of the compiler back end; almost 5 years as development lead and development manager in the Natural Language Group, where he managed a team of linguists and developers building grammar checkers and other language components; and 5 years as development lead in Visio, where he developed the pivot diagram feature and various other components. Dave has also spent some time working for Wellzio, a disease management software startup, and developed Dave's Redistricting web application, the only free application that enables anyone to draw congressional and legislative districts using actual census data and election data. Dave and his wife have both climbed more than 100 Washington peaks and have two teenage children.


Laura Cannon Laura Cannon
Laura earned her BA in French Language and Literature from the University of Vermont. She spent many summers working as an adviser in the performing and visual arts at the Vermont Governor’s Institute on the Arts, a summer institute for budding high school artists. Her years there expanded her appreciation for arts administration and community building through the arts. Most recently, she worked as an account manager and logistics coordinator for an international seafood exporter where she dealt with the documentation and coordination of international trade and transactions. Laura brings her savvy business sense to LabKey, focusing on all our AP needs and running the office like a well-oiled machine. When Laura isn’t at work you can find her zipping around the city on her scooter, singing and playing her trumpet, and working towards a master's degree in Speech and Language Pathology.



Trey Chadick Trey Chadick
Trey earned his BS in Computer Science from Western Washington University. Trey began his career in 2006 as a Development and Test Engineer for Microsoft. He started working with the hardware test tools group on a variety of projects, including the Sidewinder and Lifecam series of products. He later joined the SQL Server Test Execution team, the last line of defense for Microsoft SQL Server QA. In his free time, he enjoys nerdy board games, bicycling and listening to podcasts.





Maria Christensen Maria Christensen
Maria brings many years of accounting and office administration experience to LabKey’s business team. As a freelance writer she authored the 3rd edition of the ‘Newcomer’s Handbook for Moving to and Living in Seattle,’ and wrote employee handbooks and accounting process manuals for clients, and as a freelance bookkeeper she set up accounting systems for new and existing small businesses. She studied accounting and communications at the University of Washington, and majored in history at Armstrong Atlantic State University. Her idea of bliss is to sit by a campfire deep in the woods with a sci-fi book, a cocktail and a plate of S’mores.




Brian ConnollyBrian Connolly
Brian first worked at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, where he built computers and networks flexible enough to work both in the lab and out at sea onboard research vessels. Brian's varied experience ranges from designing the datacenter infrastructure of to being the Technical Architect for Cray Inc's IT department to being the Project Manager responsible for successfully satisfying all the requirements for Sarbanes Oxley Act compliance within Cray Inc's IT department. Before joining LabKey, Brian worked at Microsoft designing software tools and consulting engagements to help Microsoft's largest customers operate their IT infrastructures more efficiently and for less cost. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Physics from Hartwick College and a Master's degree in Coastal Oceanography from SUNY at Stonybrook. Brian is also ITIL certified.



Kristin DubruleKristin Dubrule
Kristin comes to LabKey with 10 years of experience as a software developer, project manager, and Scrum Master. Prior to LabKey, she worked for OCS, Inc., where she helped create data collection, data ingestion, and benchmarking solutions for hospice and home health agencies. Kristin has a BA in Computer Science from Dartmouth College, but has also dabbled in biology and sociology. Outside of work, she enjoys horseback riding, scary movies, and pretending to be a runner.





Tony Galuhn
Tony’s first love was science, particularly neuroimanging, so he was delighted to join LabKey’s San Diego office in 2013 and return to developing software for scientific applications. Since the mid-1990s, he has worked in a variety of industries (healthcare, finance, and commerce) and on every tier of applications, from backend databases, through middle layers, to front-end web clients. Databases are his strength – he consistently works on data-aware applications. For example, his work at 2-1-1 of Los Angeles County helped connect 2-1-1 callers to health and human services resources. He holds a B.A. in physics from Pomona College, Claremont CA, and did graduate work in experimental psychopathology at the University of San Diego, CA. In his free time, he loves cooking large quantities of high quality barbeque for friends and family.



Steve HansonSteve Hanson
Steve is a perpetual student and learner, who never wanted to leave he stayed until there were no more classes to take, earning his PhD from the University of Washington's joint Philosophy/Classics program. Studying the ancient philosophers and scientists provided great training in cutting through to the essential elements needed for understanding complex systems. Teaching classes in logic as well as ancient and modern philosophy provided great experience in building up understanding in students, helping them to organize questions, and to make headway into seemingly impossible problems.

As a writer at LabKey, Steve has the opportunity be a student all over again. Working at the intersection of two massive fields, computing and biological research, provides a wealth of new material for research. Writing at LabKey means working with a wide range of material: scientific research, experimental data, client specifications, and software references. It's a great challenge to synthesize it all, and turn out something compelling for a broad audience of both experts and novices. Steve strives for a simple and direct writing style, using a minimum of buzzwords and "academese". Steve brings a rich experience in technical writing from his time at Westside, BEA, and Oracle, and rounds out his written communication style with a strength in visual expression as a professional artist and photographer.



Susan HertSusan Hert
Susan comes to LabKey with a breadth of knowledge in science and mathematics. She earned her BS in Mathematics and Computer Science along with a BSBA in Accounting and Computer Information Systems with a concentration in Actuarial Science from Drake University. She earned her PhD in Computer Sciences from the University of Wisconsin – Madison where she researched computational geometry and robotics.

Susan continued her research at the Max Planck Institute for Computer Science in Saarbrücken, Germany. There she focused on the development of software libraries to implement efficient, exact algorithms and flexible, extensible data structures for geometric computation. She has led teams in the development of software solutions for renewable energy assessment and the library industry. When she gets time away from her computer, Susan enjoys baking, gardening, hiking, and quilting.



Kevin KrouseKevin Krouse
Kevin began his career at BEA as a member of the Weblogic team. He contributed to the test and development of various projects while at BEA which include: Workshop Knex runtime, JavaScript E4X extensions to Mozilla Rhino, and Apache XMLBeans. In 2005, Kevin joined Microsoft to design and develop the XMLSchema editor in Visual Studio 2008. In 2007, Kevin joined LabKey, where he enjoys contributing to AIDS research and building software for flow cytometry. Kevin holds double bachelor degrees from Whitman College and Washington University in St. Louis where he majored in Mathematics and Computer Science.




Ren LisRen Lis
With professional experience spanning accounting, legal support, project management and technical writing, Ren Lis brings a breadth as well as depth of experience to LabKey. Managing the business team, Ren handles HR, and financial and grants management. If you want to know something about a number or a person, she’s the one to ask. Ren holds a Bachelor of Arts from The Evergreen State College, studied design strategy and innovation at RMCAD, and is currently working on her MBA. Outside of LabKey, she designs, builds, and exhibits sculptural furniture.




Tymothi LovingTymothi Loving
Tym is a San Diego native with over 20 years experience in software quality assurance.  He has broad experience spanning the gaming industry, large-scale marketing data collection, medical billing software and small web development houses.  A life long interest in science coupled with strong background in software makes him a great fit for LabKey. In his off-work hours Tym is a musician and DJ, and helps put on art and performance shows.





Jessi Murray Jessi Murray
A native of Boston, Jessi earned her BS in Systems Engineering at Olin College of Engineering in Needham, MA, where she was a member of the college's fifth graduating class. At Olin, she nurtured a growing interest in design, taking additional courses relating to user experience, design, and art, including a semester in an art program in Italy. After graduation, she moved to the Seattle area to work for Microsoft as a program manager in the User Experiences group for Windows. Three years later, she joined LabKey. Outside of work, Jessi enjoys singing in the Seattle Ladies Choir, drawing, and making fancy chocolates.




Cory NatheCory Nathe
Cory joined LabKey in April, 2011 after beginning his career in 2007 as a member of the Atlas Science Portal Team for the Statistical Center for HIV/AIDS Research and Prevention, a division of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. For SCHARP, Cory worked as a study data manager for the Atlas portal and later focused on client-side application development for several networks including: CHAVI, CAVD, HVTN, HPTN, and MTN. Cory graduated from Augsburg College, where he holds a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics. In his free time, he enjoys watching and playing several different sports, most notably basketball and baseball.




Elizabeth NelsonElizabeth Nelson
Elizabeth leads dissemination for LabKey Server. She completed her Ph.D. in Biological Sciences at Stanford University's Hopkins Marine Station, where she was a National Science Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellow. At Stanford, she used statistical models for turbulent mixing to address questions in marine conservation biology. After completing her PhD, Elizabeth joined Microsoft as a Program Manager, where she worked on the first release of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), part of the .NET Framework. Elizabeth also holds a B.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering from Stanford University, where she received the Terman Engineering Award.




Molly O'HaraMolly O'Hara
Molly brings a diverse background in software development, testing, support, and user-experience design to the documentation team. From an early vision of a career in particle physics, she was tempted by travel and holds a degree in International Relations at Stanford University. Blending her love of language, math, and problem-solving at last in software, she worked on PostScript printers at Adobe and at Sybase on SQL Server as well as on an early precursor to the database that evolved into Apache Derby. When not at work, she volunteers her time teaching, fixing, organizing, optimizing, simplifying, and always believing in the power of community to come up with the best solutions. She lives on Bainbridge Island with her family.



Angelica OmaiyeAngelica Omaiye
Angelica graduated from Seattle University in 2013 with a BS in Chemistry and a minor in Computer Science, and is currently pursuing her Masters in Bioinformatics. As a sophomore she was introduced to computational biology while researching DNA motifs involved in meiotic recombination. The subject piqued her interest, leading her to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to work on a computational linguistics project for cancer databases during a post-grad internship.

Prior to joining LabKey, Angelica worked in the skincare industry streamlining and optimizing quality control and regulatory tasks. Not one to be satisfied by being less than challenged, Angelica made her move to Program Management to get her hands in all the honey pots. In her free time she enjoys traveling abroad, being in nature, and eating crazy foods.


Binal Patel
Binal holds a BS in Biological Sciences from University Of South Carolina, Columbia, and furthered her education by taking Computer Science classes at UCSD. While she was fascinated with computer science part of her also felt drawn to biological sciences. Combining these two interests lead her to work on undergrad projects in the Bioinformatics field at UCSD. There she worked with researchers and PhD students to develop a Mass Spectrometry data assessment tool. Working for the benefit of science is something Binal has always been pulled towards and she is thrilled to be applying this passion to her work at LabKey Software.

Prior to joining LabKey Software, Binal worked for a Defense contractor where she was a support & test engineer on a Chem-Bio defense team that developed hazard prediction software for the war fighters. Outside of work, Binal enjoys working out, drawing, hiphop dancing, museums, and pretends to be a singer - and she probably is, in some parallel universe.


Marty PradereMarty Pradere
Marty brings over seven years of software development experience designing video and data analytic solutions for major television broadcast companies and mobile service providers. Prior to LabKey, Marty worked at Allot Communications San Diego, formerly Ortiva Wireless, developing a successful start-up company's video optimization and data analytic solution deployed in several Tier-1 mobile service providers. Additionally, he has developed broadcast equipment used by companies such as FOX and the BBC. Marty served six years in the U.S. Navy where he studied nuclear theory, chemistry, and mechanics and worked on the nuclear propulsion plant of a Fast Attack submarine. The Navy brought Marty to San Diego where he went on to get his BS in Computer Science at the University of California San Diego and MS in Computer Science at San Diego State University. Outside of LabKey he spends time hiking and mountain biking in the deserts of Southern California, and fishing off the coast of San Diego and Mexico.


Aaron RobinsonAaron Robinson
Aaron comes from the east coast where he received a double degree with a BS in computer science and mathematics. Before undergraduate, he gained experience in database administration at AIG: United Guaranty that lead to introductory opportunities into bioinformatics at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. After gaining a background in mass spectrometry based proteomics at PNNL, he continued on at University of Washington Medical Center where he picked up experience in molecular microbiology and next generation sequencing. After a brief tour at Amazon Logistics, Aaron is excited to combine his passion for science with his computational expertise. When not focusing on work, Aaron enjoys the outdoors and social gaming.



Avital SadotAvital Sadot
Avital joins LabKey with an extensive scientific experience in computational biology. She received her PhD from the Computer Science department at The Weizmann Institute for Science in Israel in 2008, where she developed modeling platforms and computational models of complex biological systems. She moved with her family to Seattle in 2010 and joined the Institute for Systems Biology as a postdoctoral researcher, where she worked on information theory inspired applications for analysis of dynamics of models of biological systems. Avital holds a M.Sc. in Bioinformatics from The Weizmann Institute for Science, where she worked in the Molecular Genetics department focusing on evolutionary comparative genomics, and a B.Sc. in Life Sciences from Ben-Gurion University in Israel.



Sam SantSam Sant
Sam received her BA in Communications with a minor in Fine Arts from Washington State University. She comes to LabKey with several years of administrative experience. Her emphasis has been on building great foundations for success by bringing order to chaos, in addition to creating a sense of community within the teams she has worked with. Sam is leveraging these skills in the HR department, and helping to establish new business processes. She also jumps at any chance to plan a team event. When she isn’t working hard for the money, she is spending time with her husky mix Blue, going to the beach and taking hikes throughout the Pacific Northwest.




Ryan Standley
Ryan is a native of the Pacific Northwest, having been raised in Port Angeles prior to moving to Seattle. A love of tinkering and a tendency to break things brought him to software testing about 15 years ago. Ryan’s career has included everything from working on bass fishing simulators to financial services software to high availability high performance web services. He looks forward to applying his skills to helping support scientific research. When not at work, Ryan enjoys cooking, motorcycling, hiking and exploring Puget Sound by kayak or sailboat.




Jon Yoon
With over 18 years of customer service & technical support experience in a variety of industries, Jon brings his Jack-of-all-Trades skills to LabKey. His broad technical support experience spans the wireless industry, digital marketing analytics, home lending, digital video management, and human resources just to name a few. When not trying to be the best Support Ninja he can possibly be, Jon spends his free time working with the Melodic Caring Project, the Seattle Living Room Shows, and pretending he's an ukulele rockstar.



Extended Team

In addition to the people listed here, LabKey draws on a large network of trusted professional colleagues, all of whom we have worked with for years. These colleagues bring skills in software development, testing, project management, documentation, graphics design, network operations, and training. All are available for reference.