Tony Galuhn

Tony-GaluhnTony’s first love was science, particularly neuroimaging, so he is delighted to be developing software for scientific applications in the LabKey San Diego office. Starting in the mid-1990s, he worked in a variety of industries (healthcare, finance, and commerce) and on every tier of applications, from backend databases, through middle layers, to front-end web clients. Databases are his strength – he consistently works on data-aware applications. For example, his work at 2-1-1 of Los Angeles County helped connect 2-1-1 callers to health and human services resources. He holds a B.A. in physics from Pomona College, Claremont CA, and did graduate work in experimental psychopathology at the University of San Diego, CA. In his free time, he loves cooking large quantities of delicious barbeque for friends and family.