Rob Morphew

Robert Morphew

Rob’s experience as a software engineer and program manager spans several industries and two continents. He became a pilot at 16 years of age and was on trajectory to becoming a professional pilot, but redirected towards his passion for technology. After graduating with a degree in Computer Science he joined his girlfriend in Australia where she was pursuing a career in medical research. While they explored Australia in a broken down VW hatchback which authorities officially declared defunct by placement of a sticker on the front window, he worked in the Oil/Gas/Mining field developing solutions for companies like Mobile Exploration, BP, and BHP. He and his girlfriend returned to the states two years later, married in Seattle, and then moved to Los Angeles. While in LA he contributed over 15+ years as a software engineer, director of operations, and technical program manager, leading cross functional teams in building technology solutions. His work spanned financial services and digital marketing industries before opportunity presented to combine his dual passion for technology and healthcare. In the past 10 years, his work centered on building chronic disease self-management services and solutions. To live closer to their families he and his wife moved back to the Seattle area with their son. Joining LabKey as a program manager fits well with his commitment to excellence in bridging science and technology. In his spare time, he loves hanging out with his wife and son, watching sci-fi, western, spy, and  thriller movies, coaching baseball, fishing, and riding motorcycles.