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Matt Yukubousky

Matt Yukubousky

Growing up as a gamer gave Matt early exposure to technology and would lead to his passion for all things digital. He counts the Simpsons and the movie Airplane! as equally foundational in his upbringing.

Throughout Matt’s life, he has been interested in human behavior, our relationship with the world around us, and the ways in which that could be affected. Later, he would learn that technology could play a role in that relationship, which led him to discover the field of user experience. A lifelong northwesterner and proud Husky, he attended the University of Washington, receiving degrees in psychology (BA) and, later, Human Centered Design and Engineering (MS).

Prior to LabKey, he spent seven years working within the gaming industry and wearing many hats. He enjoys learning from those he designs for, and considers learning to be a lifelong endeavor. When he’s not behind a screen, he’s usually enjoying the outdoors, being a mediocre guitarist, or finding inspiration in the world at large.

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