Frank Lee

frank-leeFrank Lee

Frank joins us from Microsoft, where he worked on Excel as a program manager within their accessibility, data visualization, privacy and security teams. Before coming to Seattle, he worked, as an undergrad, in a neurocognition lab at Duke, studying rhesus macaques and what neural pathways involved with corollary discharge were active while performing oculomotor tasks. After receiving his biomedical engineering degree in 2014, he was released on parole due to good behavior, and decided to drive across the country from his home in Lancaster, PA to Seattle, and upon arriving, spent his time outside of work consuming the food in this city. Coming to LabKey was a perfect fit because their work is an ideal outlet for applying what he’s learned in his past two lives in biomedical engineering and tech. Around the city, you can find him eating late night happy hour at Ba Bar, or looking for inspiration inside of Elliot Bay Bookstore.