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Dave BradleeDave Bradlee, Sr. Software Developer

After graduating from Union College (NY) with a BS in math and computer science, Dave Bradlee spent 8 years in the Boston area developing Fortran, Pascal and C compilers for minicomputers at Data General and embedded microprocessors at Boston Systems Office. After moving to Seattle in 1985, Dave earned a PhD in computer science from the University of Washington in 1991. While still in graduate school, Dave began working at Microsoft. Highlights of his time there include over 7 years as developer and development lead on Visual Basic for Applications and Visual Basic 4 thru 6, where he wrote most of the compiler back end; almost 5 years as development lead and development manager in the Natural Language Group, where he managed a team of linguists and developers building grammar checkers and other language components; and 5 years as development lead in Visio, where he developed the pivot diagram feature and various other components. Dave has also spent some time working for Wellzio, a disease management software startup, and developed Dave’s Redistricting web application, the only free application that enables anyone to draw congressional and legislative districts using actual census data and election data. Dave and his wife have both climbed more than 100 Washington peaks and have two teenage children.

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