Internship Opportunity

As an Intern at LabKey, you’ll undertake challenging projects designed to offer both hands-on educational experience and valuable exposure to LabKey’s technologies, practices, procedures, clients and culture. You’ll be paired with a technical mentor to lead the way, and well-matched projects that allow you to collaborate and create. As an integrated member of the product team you will work shoulder to shoulder with our talented Software and Test Engineers, Technical Writers, Program Managers, and Business Leaders.  You will support various clients including Argos, Genomics England, Just Therapeutics and more.

In this position, you’ll fully experience the software development process and will contribute to furthering global research while strengthening your own knowledge base. You will gain experience producing sustainable open-source code, developing software in a professional environment, collaborate with a dynamic multi-disciplinary team, gain experience in agile methodologies and own daily scrum management. You will also gain experience interfacing with researchers and bioinformaticians to ensure the product being developed meets their unique needs and workflows.

Perks and Benefits

This is a competitively paid internship opportunity.  Certain educational visas may be acceptable, depending on your program and status.  All LabKey staff enjoy an upbeat downtown office environment, free snacks, a bus pass, additional educational opportunities, top notch technology, and a supportive and flexible work environment.


Students currently pursuing a BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science, Bioinformatics or a related field.  You must have the ability to commit to a 3 month, full time position.  Possess strong organizational skills and discipline. Demonstrated self-starter with the ability to multitask and drive projects to completion.Candidates should possess experience with either the Agile or Waterfall software development methodologies. Proficiency in a variety of programming languages (Java, Python, R, Perl, etc.), web front-end technologies (Javascript, HTML, CSS, ExtJs, etc.), databases (Postgres, SQL Server, etc.), and version control systems (Git, Subversion, etc.) is preferred.

Applications No Longer Being Accepted

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2017 LabKey Summer Internship program. Please check back next year for 2018 opportunities.

“I could not have asked for a better summer internship experience at LabKey. Just two weeks after my onboarding day, I was tasked with my first project that involved production-level code for a real client. LabKey treats their interns as they would a full-fledged team member, with all of the respect and responsibilities that come with it. My coworkers are the right blend of professional and fun, and I look forward to going to work every day. Be an intern! It’s the best decision you will make all summer!”

Brad Holland, LabKey Intern

“Originally, I had planned to go into research – my graduate degree is in bioinformatics – but I had the opportunity to do an internship at LabKey and it changed my path. A big part of that was the people. I had assumed a “real” job would mean sitting in a cube farm, coding 12 hours a day, not talking to anyone. Instead, I have a community of fun, intelligent, friendly people who are committed to our success and our clients. Being a Project Manager is perfect for me – I get to develop software, work with the clients, testers, developers and really contribute to the success of critical research.”

Angelica Omaiye, Project Manager

For Consideration

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